Chemistry Course Description

AP Summer Institute, University of Louisville Chemistry (Combined - New & Expanded) Lew Acampora June 17 - June 21, 2019

This year’s AP Summer Institute in Chemistry will focus on Big Ideas 1 (The Structure of Atoms), 3 (Chemical Reactions and Reactivity), and 5 (Energy and Entropy in Chemical Reactions), with emphasis on building particulate level models to explain and interpret macroscopic phenomena.

Appropriate for experienced teachers, extensive laboratory work that focuses on the expectation of student inquiry will be performed.  Connections among the Big Ideas and the importance of building models to describe chemical phenomena will be explored.

Anticipated topics include the following:

  • An overview to the redesigned AP Chemistry Syllabus
  • Prior knowledge and Pre-AP Chemistry
  • What are the fundamental concepts that students should bring into AP Chemistry?
  • What does a good advanced placement chemistry class look like?
  • New resources published by the College Board for Students and Teachers
  • Stoichiometry
  • Volumetric Analysis/Titration
  • Oxidation/Reduction
  • Gravimetric Analysis
  • Thermochemistry and Thermodynamics
  • Electrochemistry
  • Structure and Properties of Substances
  • Energy/Entropy Changes
    • Thermodynamics Favorability
    • The Standard (and non-Standard) States
    • Applications to Electrochemistry
  • Resources for AP Chemistry
  • Chemical Reactions and Chemical Reactivity – Modeling Chemical Change
  • Macroscopic Observables


What participants should bring:

  • AP Chemistry Textbook
  • Scientific calculator and lab safety glasses.  Participants should be prepared with laboratory appropriate clothing (i.e. closed toe shoes).
  • Notes and laboratory exercises are provided for participants
  • In addition, participants will find it convenient to bring a laptop computer or iPad capable of accessing on-line resources.