Roberta Kniffley African-American Psychology Scholarship

The scholarship is designed to help cover the cost of education for outstanding African-American students pursuing an undergraduate degree in Psychology. Scholarship winners receive $300 to go toward tuition, books, housing, or other education-related expenses.

Who is Eligible

African-American students who are enrolled in the College of Arts & Sciences pursuing an undergraduate degree in Psychology and are in good academic standing. Applicants must have a GPA in psychology courses of at least 3.5 and an overall GPA of at least 3.0. Students in any year of their studies are eligible to apply, but preference is given to applicants who are in their sophomore or junior year.

Application Process

Students must submit an application form and an unofficial transcript to be considered for a scholarship. See the application form, available here, for more information.


The deadline for the Fall 2016 scholarship is November 30th.

Amber M. Heuerman Research Fund

The Amber M. Heuerman Research Fund is designed for undergraduate honors students majoring in psychology at the University of Louisville. The fund is used to reimburse travel expenses, poster costs, registration and other related incidental costs for students who have the opportunity to present their research projects. 

Who is Eligible

Students who have secured an opportunity to present research at conventions, meetings, forums, or seminars. The arrangements must have been made in conjunction with a professor in the Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences.

Application Process and Deadline

The student must submit an application form. Click here to download the form

Eligible Expenses

  • Airline tickets - Purchased through EXPEDIA using the University of Louisville’s online system. Flights should be booked at the earliest time possible to take advantage of the lower airfares.
  • Ground transportation - To/from the airport using the most economical means.
  • Mileage - Miles will be reimbursed at .55 per mile, or the current IRS amount permitted for business expense deductions. Miles will be calculated to and from the most direct route to the destination as documented by MapQuest, or a similar trip planner.
  • Lodging - Up to $100 per night will be provided. At the university’s discretion, this amount may be increased if suitable lodging is not available for $100 or less.
  • Meals - A per diem of $40 ($8-$12-$20) per day for meals will be provided. The number of days will be determined to be a reasonable time for travel and presentation of the research. Allowable amount is based on the time of departure and return

Actual receipts for hotels, and expenses incurred over $30 must then be submitted after the trip, with a completed UofL Travel Expense Voucher for reimbursement. Other expenses such as poster costs and registrations may be paid directly by the department using awarded funds if requested by student.

Total Allocation Amount

The maximum payment per student is $500.

Virginia B. Seely Scholarship for Outstanding Psychology Majors

The Virginia B. Seely Scholarship recognizes the accomplishments of outstanding senior psychology majors at the University of Louisville. The scholarship amount is $2000 per student.

Who is Eligible

Nominees must be senior psychology majors who will graduate in the semester following awarding of the scholarship. Criteria for selection Outstanding students may have many positive qualities that distinguish them from their peers. These qualities should include, but are not limited to, some or all of the following:

• Critical thinking skills, especially as they pertain to scientific research
• Appreciation and support for diversity
• Excellence in research
• Outreach to the community in the area of psychology


Two faculty members in the department must provide nomination letters. Nomination letters should be emailed to Dr. Keith Lyle at The nominee must provide a CV and a written statement of accomplishments. The Friends of Psychology Committee will solicit the CV and statement after receiving two nomination letters.


Nominations will be accepted in the fall for students graduating in May or in the summer and will be accepted in the spring for students graduating in December. The deadline for submitting nomination letters in the fall is the second Monday in October. The spring deadline is the fourth Monday in February. In 2013-14, the fall deadline is October 14 and the spring deadline is February 24.

Scholarship History

The scholarship was established in 2013 thanks to the generous bequest of Dr. Harriette Atkinson, who received her Masters in Clinical Psychology from the University of Louisville in 1954. The scholarship is named after Dr. Atkinson’s mother.

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