Accelerated BS/MS Program

Accelerated BS Psychology or BS Neuroscience/MS Experimental Psychology Program

A program for advanced Psychology or Neuroscience majors who are interested in completing a master's degree (MS) in Experimental Psychology in one additional year after completing their BS degree.

Program Information

The Accelerated BS/MS program is ideally suited for undergraduate students wishing to pursue a doctoral program in psychology (or related field) or those interested in being more “work-force ready” upon graduating. It is also well-suited for qualified students interested in testing the waters of graduate school or taking a “one step at a time” approach.

Psychology majors who are considering pursuing a master's degree (MS) in Experimental Psychology can speed up the process by applying some of their undergraduate credit hours toward a master's degree. Students accepted into the accelerated BS/MS take three graduate courses (9 credit hours) as an undergraduate that apply toward both the bachelor's degree and the eventual master's degree.

Each student in the accelerated program will receive one-on-one mentoring as part of their training. Mentors will guide the research experiences of students in the program. Students without a mentor may not continue in the program.

Research experience is a critical component of the BS/MS. Students must have completed, or be currently enrolled in, PSYC 491/492 in order to apply for the accelerated program*. Students will contribute to ongoing research in their faculty mentor’s lab. Students must enroll in one of the following courses during each semester of the BS/MS program: PSYC 591, 592, 595, 596, or 605. Typically, students will enroll in two sections of 591 (Fall & Spring BS/MS Year 1) and two sections of 605 (Fall and Spring BS/MS Year 2).

*1st-2nd year students: Plan ahead and find a PSYC 491 mentor now! Look through the list of Experimental and Clinical Psychology faculty for professors whose research interests you. Email them, and ask if they have openings for a 491 student (let them know you are considering applying for the joint BS/MS program). Many faculty also post current openings on the Undergraduate Psychology Research page

Students will broaden their knowledge of the Psychological and Brain Sciences by enrolling in targeted graduate courses, including three 500- or 600-level research courses, two core courses, three electives, and two advanced statistics courses (PSYC 610 and 611). Students must maintain a GPA > 2.5 for the duration of the BS/MS. Student must receive grades of “C” or better for a course to count toward their degree.



Courses Taken in the Senior Year as an Undergraduate
PSYC 591: Independent Study- Research x 2 (6 hours total)*
PSYC 610: Advanced Statistics I (3 hours)*

Courses Taken as a Graduate Student
PSYC 611: Advanced Statistics II (3 hours)
PSYC 605: Independent Study- Research x2 (6 hours total) (Taken with your research mentor)
PSYC 600-level Core Course x2 (6 hours total) (Eligible courses: PSYC 621, 631, 642/643, 661)
PSYC 500- or 600-level Elective x2 (6 hours total) (PSYC courses only)

Click here to view a sample program timeline.

How to Apply

Applications to the Accelerated BS/MS will be due by December 1 of the student’s junior* year. Applications submitted after Dec 1 will be considered until March 1, but will receive less priority.

Application materials can be emailed to Tess Collins,  Please include the following:

  1. CV/resume
  2. Personal Statement (detailing relevant experiences, goals, and fit to faculty mentor)
  3. Unofficial transcript
  4. One recommendation letter. This letter should be written by a PSYC/NS 491/492 advisor and emailed separately to
  5. Please included in title of your email: BS/MS Application_ your name

If you are uncertain if you have the available PSYC electives or credit hours remaining, please contact your advisor in A&S advising to review university and major requirements.  

If you do not currently have research experience with a Psychology faculty mentor, you are not eligible for this program

* Juniors are students who have 60 or more, but fewer than 90 semester hours of credit at the time of application


For more information about the program, please contact (