Vision and Hearing Sciences (VHS)

Please note: For students entering the VHS area in 2014, the course requirements will have changed. The new course requirements will be as follows:

Course Requirements

Two graduate courses in statistics:

Advanced Statistics I (PSYC 610)
Advanced Statistics II (PSYC 611)

Two Core Courses, chosen from two of the following four core areas*:

Sensation and Perception (PSYC 631)
Neuroscience (either Behavioral Neuroscience - PSYC 642 or Principles of Neuroscience - PSYC 643)
Cognitive Psychology (PSYC 621)
Developmental Psychology (PSYC 661)

*Core courses are to be determined jointly by the student and his/her faculty mentor.

Five additional graduate lecture or seminar courses (15 hours):

To be determined jointly by the student and his/her faculty mentor. At least 2 of the 5 electives must be non-core 600-level Psychology courses taught by members of the Experimental Psychology faculty. The remaining 3 electives may be core courses or any other 600- or 700-level seminars or courses (excluding independent research or reading) taught in any department at UofL. Undergraduate or 500-level courses will not count toward any of these course requirements.

Research Hours:

A minimum of 3 credit hours of PSYC 602 (Research in Vision and Hearing Science) is required to be taken each semester, including the summer, until the Preliminary Examination is passed.

Preliminary Examination



Upon passing the preliminary examination, students must maintain continuous enrollment at U of L by registering for DOCT 600-01 (Doctoral Candidacy) until they have completed their doctoral degree. If they wish, they may also enroll in courses.