Vision and Hearing

Vision and Hearing Sciences (VHS) is one of two tracks in our Experimental Psychology Ph.D. program (also see Cognitive and Developmental Sciences).

A student's graduate training will depend in part on whom they choose as their graduate mentor. At this time, the Vision and Hearing Sciences track in the Experimental Psychology Program includes a variety of basic, clinical, and applied research areas in various aspects of visual and auditory sciences. A broad plan of coursework provides each student with a solid foundation in modern research psychology. Specialty courses permit students to become expert in the content and techniques of their selected areas of research. Coursework is combined with laboratory training in research.

Please note: We do not have a master's degree program.


For questions about the application process or general questions about the program, please contact:

Experimental Psychology Program Office:  Ms. Maggie Leahy, 852-4364,

For specific questions about the program, please contact:

Contact Director, Experimental Psychology PhD Program: Dr. Cara Cashon

For questions about whether a faculty mentor is accepting students,

please contact the faculty member directly (see list to the right).