Reconciler Responsibilities

The reconciler must be an employee of the University of Louisville, the University of Louisville Athletic Association, or the University of Louisville Research Foundation.

The reconciler's responsibility is to ensure all charges are allocated to the appropriate speedtype and account code.  PeopleSoft reconciliation and reallocation of transactions can be performed daily or weekly, but must be completed by the monthly cut-off date.  Any charges not reallocated through PeopleSoft by the cut-off date should be corrected using an IUT. Reconciling the monthly bank statement to PeopleSoft Financials is imperative for budget control.

The reconciler must also perform a manual reconciliation each month, comparing the Transaction Summary Log, PNC statement, and University Reports.  Upon completion of this review, the reconciler must sign and date the Transaction Summary Log.  This task must be completed by the 15th of the month following the end of the billing cycle.

The reconciler must complete the ProCard Policies/Procedures Test  with a score of 100% and PeopleSoft training before being granted PeopleSoft access.

Instructions for Reallocating and/or Approving Transactions in PeopleSoft

The Quick Start Guide for OnBase Budget Approvers can be found here