Cardholder Responsibilities

  • Monitor the ProCard web site for any changes to the program's policies and procedures.
  • Retain original, itemized receipts, transaction log sheets, and PNC Bank statements for a period of 3 years.  (Refer to the Controller's Office Retention of Records Policy for the archival period associated with grants and contracts.)
  • Verify all transactions on the PNC monthly statement.  Any charges that need to be disputed must be reported to the ProCard Office and PNC within 60 days of the transaction date.
  • Complete the ProCard Receipt Form when no receipt is available. 
    Related information for Missing Receipt: When an original, itemized receipt is lost or otherwise unavailable and all measures to obtain a copy have been exhausted, the ProCard Receipt Form should be completed.  It must be signed by the cardholder/responsible party and his/her supervisor.  This form should be retained with all other receipts, bank statements, and the transaction summary log in the monthly ProCard reconciliation file.  The ProCard Receipt Form should be used on rare occasions and may not be used on a routine basis.  Excessive use of the ProCard Receipt Form may result in the revocation of your ProCard.
  • Ensure receipt of materials and services.  Contact the vendor to resolve any delivery problems, discrepancies and damaged goods claims.

Cardholder Verification - Bank Statements and Transaction Summary Logs
Each cardholder will receive a detailed statement from PNC Bank for each card that had transaction activity during the billing cycle.  (A statement will not be generated for a card with no activity.)  This statement will list the transactions that PNC Bank has transmitted to the University for the month and should match your records. A verification of the PNC statement to actual charges should be performed by the 15th of the following month.  In more detail:

  • Regardless of card activity, a TSL must be completed and signed by the relevant parties each month.  This is to ensure the cardholder, reconciler, and approver are reviewing/validating the transactions on a monthly basis; it also facilitates the monthly liaison certification process.
  • Throughout the monthly billing cycle, the cardholder must record transaction activity, including the business purpose, on the TSL as purchases are made. This includes any item(s) returned and any credits issued.
  • Transactions occurring after the 21st of the month will not appear on your statement. These items should be carried forward to the next month on your TSL.
  • Reconcile all monthly ProCard documentation consisting of the PNC bank statement, TSL, and itemized receipts.  This review must be completed by the 15th of the month following the end of the billing cycle.
  • Sign and date the Transaction Summary Log confirming: (1) a reconciliation was performed, and (2) all purchases are legitimate business expenses.

If the cardholder is not executing his/her responsibilities as stated and required in the policy and procedures, it could lead to audit findings.  The severity of these findings could lead to revoking the use of the ProCard.

*Please Note: The cardholder is also referred to as the “Reviewer”.  This role only has viewing access in PeopleSoft.  This person will only have the privilege of viewing transaction activity for verification purposes.  They will not be able to make any changes.  The reviewer is required to successfully complete the Blackboard test and must score 100%.  The cardholder can be the reconciler on their account, but never the approver.

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