Total Rewards

What is Total Rewards?

Total Rewards is an approach used by the university to recruit, retain, recognize and reward. Total rewards includes everything the employee perceives to be of value resulting from employment.  Not only does total rewards include compensation, it also includes benefits, personal and professional development, as well as an encouraging work environment.

Total Compensation Estimator

Both prospective and current employees may access the new Total Compensation Estimator which will provide an estimate and illustrate the value of your University of Louisville employment package. View the Total Compensation Estimator >>

Leave Benefits for Staff Employees*

While leave is not included in the Total Compensation Estimator, it is a vital part of your total rewards at the University of Louisville.  Staff employees of the University of Louisville are entitled to 10-15 annual leave days (up to a maximum of 22), 12 days of sick leave and anywhere from 12-14 university paid holidays, depending on the year.

* Leave benefits for faculty are defined by college and school bylaws.  Faculty members should contact their department for more information.

John was hired at the University of Louisville as a program coordinator – a professional and administrative position.  In his first year in his position, he will receive 15 annual leave days, 12 sick days and enjoy up to 14 university paid holidays off.  He has already planned his beach vacation and looks forward to being able to visit with his family over the Thanksgiving holiday







After spending five years in her position at the university, Susan has enjoyed her annual leave time off and has been thankful for her sick leave when she’s been under the weather.  Despite that, she has only used half of her accrued sick time since she began working and saved a few vacation days to take forward.  She now receives 20 annual leave days and 12 sick leave days in addition to her rollover.  Good thing, since her dentist has just informed her that she can’t put off having her wisdom teeth removed any longer.





In addition to annual leave, sick leave and university paid holidays, generous paid leave is available in other categories such as shared leave, bereavement leave, six weeks of parental leave and more.  Find out more>>