FAQ for LLCs & TCs

Question: I've completed the housing application. Does that mean I still need to complete an LLC application, too? OR I've completed the LLC application. Does that mean I've filled out the housing application, too?
Answer: Filling out one form does not mean you've completed the other. Make sure you complete the housing application and the LLC application.

Question: Does completing the LLC agreement mean I have been accepted into the LLC?
Answer: The LLC agreement you complete is an application; it does not guarantee you a spot in the LLC. The adviser of the LLC will contact you regarding your acceptance or denial.

Question: I have a roommate preference. We're both part of the LLC. How do I go about asking to be paired with my preferred roommate?
Answer: Both you and your preferred roommate must email Campus Housing at stating that you have both been accepted in to the LLC and are requesting to live together in the LLC.

Question: I have a roommate preference. I am part of an LLC, but they are not. Can he be my roommate in the LLC?
Answer: Due to limited space, we cannot put non-LLC students into LLC spots unless the advisor of the LLC approves this request.

Question: I would like to be part of the Engineering LLC, but I am an upperclassman. May I join?
Answer: At this time, the Engineering LLC is only for first-year freshman. The following LLCs accept upperclassmen students: Metropolitan College Community, Army ROTC Themed Community, Bayard Rustin Community, and 2nd Year Honors Science Community.

Question: Who is the adviser for my LLC?
Answer: The advisors are listed below.

Question: I haven't heard back about my acceptance or denial to my LLC. Who do I need to talk to?
Answer: Contact the adviser of your LLC.

Question: I'm not sure if I have been accepted to my LLC. Should I still select a room during room selection?
Answer: Yes. Even if you're unsure, select a room for yourself outside of the LLC. If you're accepted, our Assignments Team will re-assign you to the LLC.