FAQ for LLCs/TCs

Question: I've completed the housing application. Does that mean I still need to complete an LLC application, too? OR I've completed the LLC application. Does that mean I've filled out the housing application, too?
Answer: Filling out one form does not mean you've completed the other. Make sure you complete the housing application and the LLC application.

Question: Does completing the LLC agreement mean I have been accepted into the LLC?
Answer: The LLC agreement you complete is an application; it does not guarantee you a spot in the LLC. The adviser of the LLC will contact you regarding your acceptance or denial.

Question: I have a roommate preference. We're both part of the LLC. How do I go about asking to be paired with my preferred roommate?
Answer: Fill out a room change request. Please note in the Comments Section that you are part of a specific LLC, as is your roommate. Both you and your roommate must complete the room change request form.

Question: I have a roommate preference. I am part of an LLC, but they are not. Can he be my roommate in the LLC?
Answer: Due to limited space, we cannot put non-LLC students into LLC spots.

Question: I would like to be part of the Engineering LLC, but I am an upperclassman. May I join?
Answer: At this time, the Engineering LLC is only for first-year freshman. The following LLCs accept upperclassmen students: Metropolitan College Community, ROTC Themed Community, Bayard Rustin Community, Public Health Community, Pre-Dent Community, and 2nd Year Honors Science Community.

Question: Who is the adviser for my LLC?
Answer: The advisors are listed below.

Question: I haven't heard back about my acceptance or denial to my LLC. Who do I need to talk to?
Answer: Contact the adviser of your LLC.

Question: I'm not sure if I have been accepted to my LLC. Should I still select a room during room selection?
Answer: Yes. Even if you're unsure, select a room for yourself outside of the LLC. If you're accepted, our Assignments Team will re-assign you to the LLC.