Internship Program

Coordinator: Karen Chandler

ENGL 450: Cooperative Internship 1-3 credit hours

This program is designed to permit students to gain college credit for unpaid apprentice work in a field that has clear connections with their English major.

To be eligible for a departmental internship, you must:

  • be a declared English major,
  • have accumulated at least 60 hours,
  • and have a GPA of 3.0 or better.

Work in technical writing, business writing, publishing, grant writing, editing, public relations, broadcasting, law, museum and library archives and acquisitions--to name just a few possibilities--can provide experience appropriate to English 450. As long as the internship work engages the transferable skills of an English major, what the work is and where one does the work is flexible.

    If you are interested in proceeding with this, you will need to find a suitable place where you can intern, a business where you could use skills related to your English major. The internship should not be a job for which you are paid wages or a salary. Usually, our preference is that the business be off-campus; also, the position must not be a job you are already doing. Once you have found a possible placement, you would need to meet with the program director to determine if the placement meets the program's goals. The director would also need to have your site supervisor confirm the position. Once that occurs, you would be permitted to register for the course.

    Students gain three credit hours for doing an internship, which requires holding a position that requires 40 hours of work on site during the semester (approx. 4 hrs/wk). The course requirements also include ten reflective logs, a final research paper, and a portfolio representative of the kinds of work done during the internship, as well as written evaluation from the site supervisor.

    Should you have questions about the program, please contact Professor Karen Chandler at 502-852-5568 or

    The English Department does not maintain an inventory of internships, and most of the people earning English 450 credit do so in positions they have secured on their own. From time to time, however, the department does receive queries from businesses, professional firms, government agencies, media outlets, institutions, and organizations who seek interns who are English majors, and these opportunities are publicized on the English Major Distribution List.