Culminating Project Details

The Committee

Your culminating project committee consists of your director and two other readers assigned by the Director of Graduate Studies. You will be notified of your readers via email when you receive notice of your prospectus review results. Only your director needs to sign off on your prospectus and final project, however the committee will participate in and rate your discussion based on the department's Student Learning Outcomes.

Scheduling the Discussion

You are responsible for contacting your committee to schedule the date and time of your discussion. As you schedule your discussion please keep in mind the following:

1. You will want to be sure to give your committee about a week to read your completed culminating project before you conduct your discussion. The Administrative Assistant will distribute your culminating project once you have turned it in to the office. Please allow 24 hours for distribution.

2. You are welcome to turn in your culminating project whenever you are ready, but the last day to do so is listed on the graduate program calendar for each semester. The project needs to be approved via signature when you turn it in.

3. Once you have scheduled your discussion with your committee email the Administrative Assistant the time and date of your discussion. Please include whether you will need a room reservation. It is acceptable to hold these discussions in a faculty office if available.


1. CP discussions can be held in a faculty member's office

2. If you would like a room for your discussion please allow two weeks for scheduling and confirmation

3. Notify the Administrative Assistant when you have scheduled your discussion, even if you don't need a room.

What to Expect at the Discussion

Each culminating project discussion will be slightly different depending on the project and the director's preferences. Discussions typically lasts 30 - 45 minutes and you can expect to give a short presentation of your project (3-5 minutes introducing your project, explaining its genesis and how it changed) followed by questions from the committee. The format of the presentation and the discussion should be discussed with your project director.


Prior to the discussion your director should pick up the discussion folder. The folder contains two forms for you to complete (Student Survey & Student SLO report). You will also be asked to include a current CV (this CV should show your MA degree). Your committee will each have a Faculty SLO report to complete as well. Please ask your director to collect these sheets and turn them in to HM 315 at the conclusion of the discussion.