March 18, 2020 Update

The following email was sent to students who have completed advising appointments with a Study Abroad Advisor and received paperwork. These students are planning to study abroad Summer or Fall 2020:

This morning’s email from President Bendapudi has cleared up the initial confusion we’ve experienced the last week. 

Effective immediately, all international travel through June 30th is cancelled and prohibited.

If your program begins on or before June 30th:

  1. Please contact your program provider to determine alternative options.
    1. I have already emailed all providers informing them of UofL’s decision to prohibit all travel through June 30th. I’ve asked them to work with students in selecting academically appropriate, later summer sessions.
    2. If your program begins late June, your provider may be able to adjust the start date to July 1st to accommodate the new UofL policy.
  2. If you cannot find a different option, your program provider should refund any money you have already paid to them. If they do not offer this, let me know immediately and I will reach out on your behalf.
    1. Note that refunds may take between 10 – 12 weeks to get to you.
  3. Whether you decide to change programs / locations, or cancel your summer study abroad plans entirely, please let me know.
    1. I will send you updated paperwork and budget if you opt to change.

If your program begins July 1st or later:

  1. Your travel is still okay. But please be aware that program providers may choose to cancel later summer programs as well as the situation rapidly evolves. We will keep you updated with any news we receive as we receive it. Our goal is to provide complete transparency.

You’re most likely feeling upset and let down due to these sudden policy changes. That is absolutely normal. Please reach out to the UofL Counseling Center to schedule a tele-health appointment to talk through your frustrations and stress. Also, take time to do something that brings you joy. FaceTime with friends, play with a pet, binge Netflix guilt free, or embark on a new hobby (knitting, anyone?). 

Fun Fact: The Louisville Free Public Library offers access to eBooks, eMagazines, downloadable audiobooks, streaming music and movies online, and online courses – all free with a library card! Get a library card online Get a library card online here.

We will be available for video conferencing or direct messaging via Microsoft Teams. This software is available to all students free of charge using your UofL credentials. Download Teams for your desktop, laptop, iOS, or Android phone Download Teams for your desktop, laptop, iOS, or Android phone here. Enter your email for the UserID in the format: Please be aware that unless you are connected to a WiFi network, using the Teams mobile app will use your phone’s data plan.

To schedule a Microsoft Teams appointment, follow these steps:

  1. Email the advisor you have already met with.
    1. Kimber Guinn,
    2. Melissa Lee,
  2. Include in your email:
    1. Your (new) Program Provider Name
    2. Location City and Country
    3. Dates of Program
    4. Two possible dates and times you are available to ‘meet’ (ex: 3/19 at 2 pm)  
  3. Your advisor will respond with the confirmed date and time.
  4. Your advisor will schedule an appointment using MS Teams. You will receive an email to your UofL email address with a link to join the meeting.
  5. Day of the Meeting: Your advisor will begin the meeting ~5 minutes before the pre-determined time to allow wiggle room for you to adjust settings, ensure your microphone and/or webcam work, etc.
    1. If you do not want to use a webcam, that’s fine! You do not have to. But you should at least have microphone capabilities on whatever device you use.

Please refer to the attachment included in this morning’s email for great resources related to continuing your classes online.

Need internet?

Spectrum is offering free broadband and WiFi access for 60 days to households that do not already have a Spectrum broadband subscription. To enroll, call 1-844-488-8395. Installation fees will be waived.

As always, let us know how we can further assist you and if you have any questions,