Study Abroad Appeal Process

All students traveling to Level 3+ Department of State or CDC countries must appeal to receive approval to study abroad this summer. Note that while you may appeal and receive permission to study abroad, the global COVID-19 situation is fluid and approval can be revoked at any given time up to and including the student's departure date. The appeal process is only valid for countries at a Level 3 or Level 4 due to COVID-19.

Study Abroad Appeal Process

1. Student must write a letter detailing how the student will mitigate risk while abroad. To be included in the letter: in-country emergency contact information, steps on what to do in case of emergency, COVID-19 policies and procedures, whether in-country quarantine is required, when and where are masks required/recommended be worn, where can a COVID-19 test be administered in-country, what fees (if any) are involved with quarantine or testing, and any other relevant COVID-19 information. Student can easily obtain this information from their third-party program provider contact.

2. Student must obtain a letter of support from a faculty member who can speak to the academic viability of the student's intended study abroad program. The letter should address the academic need of the class(es) taken abroad. Faculty member should include whether the class(es) is (are) required for the student to graduate in a timely manner, needed to complete a minor, or another vital requirement for the student's academic success. Faculty should also indicate the necessity of the coursework being completed in [term student plans on studying abroad] versus a future semester.

3. The faculty member must obtain endorsement from the Dean of the student's college for the student's appeal. The endorsement can be an email stating the Dean endorses the student's travel.

4. The student must send their letter, the faculty letter, and the Dean's endorsement (a screenshot of the email will suffice) to Kimber Guinn,

5. All appeal documents will be sent to the Dean of Students who will determine whether approval to travel is given. Please allow 5-10 business days for a decision.

All appeals will be looked at on a case-by-case basis.