How to Compare Costs

Comparing Costs

When researching programs, use this excel study abroad budget sample form to make sure you include all potential costs for your program.

How to Study Abroad on a Budget

If costs are an issue for studying abroad, consider these tips to save:

  • Avoid large cities.
    As with any major city, the cost of living will be more expensive. Consider studying in a smaller town, and instead visit the major cities during weekends. For example, if your dream is to go to Paris, you can choose to study in a smaller city in France, but then visit Paris during holiday breaks or weekends. Remember, transportation in many other countries is much more cost effective than in the US.
  • Consider a home-stay.
    Depending on your program, living with a local family may be more cost effective than living in an apartment or university housing. Home-stay families are carefully screened by program providers, and these companies do their best at matching students with families.
  • Consider doing an exchange.
    For exchanges, you pay the cost of tuition at UofL but you study at another university. Exchanges are recommended for students who are more independent and would require less on-site support.
  • Consider a country where the dollar is stronger.
    For countries such as the Czech Republic or Thailand, the cost of living including food and housing is relatively low and the dollar will take you further.You might even save by living in one of these countries than living in the US.
  • Plan early.
    Planning early allows you to budget more effectively and save up for your program.
  • Apply for scholarships! Apply apply apply!
    More often than not, many students do not take advantage of available scholarship opportunities. Keep in mind that you can't win the lottery unless you buy a ticket. Also, if you think a scholarship isn't worth the time you need to put in for applying, think about how 1 hour of invested time for $500 (for example) is not too shabby a wage!
  • For other ways to think about saving, look under the "Other Tips" section on our study abroad scholarship list.