Transcripts and Credit

Credit Transfer Information 

  • You must earn the minimum grades listed on your Course Certification form in order for your courses to transfer. There may be financial aid consequences for not receiving the minimum required grade in a course.
  • In most cases, your study abroad grades will only count toward your degree hours. They will not be factored into your GPA.
  • If you are trying to graduate with College Honors (e.g. cum laude, magna cum laude, summa cum laude) from the College of Arts & Sciences, then your study abroad grades will be factored into your expanded GPA. Note: graduation with College Honors in A&S requires a minimum cumulative and expanded GPA of 3.5.

Transcript Process

Study Abroad Transcript Video

  1. Make sure that your provider and/or host university has the correct mailing address for your transcript.
  2. Complete your re-entry requirements.
  3. Please be advised that it takes 8-12 weeks after the end date of your program for your study abroad transcript to arrive at the Office of Study Abroad and International Travel.
  4. If the courses you took abroad match the pre-approved courses on file in our office, it will take 3-5 days for our office to process it.
  5. We send the processed transcript to Transfer Articulation, and the credits are posted to the top of your transcript, under transfer credits.
If you take classes that were not pre-approved before departure:
  1. Unless you talked to us about your class change while you were abroad, it will take additional time to process your transcript.
  2. immediately. We cannot guarantee that these new classes will transfer, but we will make every effort to ensure you receive post-approval for those courses. 
  3. Keep your syllabi and any pertinent work for these classes, as they may be needed for accurate transfer credit evaluation. 
  4. To get your course post-approved, you will need to contact the department contact for that subject and your academic advisor or department head. Be prepared to provide syllabi and coursework.
with any questions!

    Mailing Transcripts From Your Host University

    After returning from your study abroad, please have your transcripts sent to:

    Attn: Elizabeth Liebschutz-Roettger

    International Center
    Jouett Hall
    University of Louisville
    2301 S. Third Street
    Louisville, KY 40292


    Failure to do so will result in a delay in your transcript being processed and your credits transferring.

    Re-entry Requirements

    Check our Re-Entry Section regarding what to do upon return to the States!