Travel Insurance

Enrollment in CISI is mandatory for all University-affiliated international travel. Enrollment must be completed using your UofL email address. Please note that CISI will not cover personal time.

Travelers must be covered for outgoing / return flights and the duration of their university affiliated time abroad.



CISI Enrollment Process

COVID-19 International Travel Information

Enrollment in CISI is mandatory for all international travelers. Enrollment must be completed using your UofL email address.

Students: Click here to self-enroll. 

Employees:Click here to self-enroll. 

Faculty-led group trips: Complete this spreadsheet (XLXS) and email to . We will bulk enroll travelers. This option is also available to large groups of employees.

Recommended: Purchase "cancel/interrupt for any reason" coverage through CISI

Once you have completed your enrollment, CISI will send a confirmation email with your insurance card. If you do not receive a confirmation email from CISI within 48 hours, check your spam folder for a CISI email. If you do not find the email in your spam folder, contact .

CISI General Information

CISI insurance policy


As of January 1st, 2020, CISI is free for all UofL approved and affiliated travel! Personal travel may be covered at the expense of the traveler.

Employees: CISI enrollment is required for full Provost approval. Travel to/from your destination and the duration of your UofL affiliated time abroad will be covered by CISI. See below for information on personal travel.

Students: CISI enrollment is a requirement to be enrolled in your UofL study abroad course and/or for full Provost approval. Please note, travel to/from your destination and the time between the start and end date of your program will be covered by CISI. See below for information on personal travel.


Personal Travel 

Personal travel before or after your program is not covered under UofL's CISI policy. CISI offers other insurance policies at an additional cost to the traveler, should they wish to purchase coverage during personal travel.  

For personal travel either directly before or after sponsored travel, travelers will sign up from within the participant portal, which you will obtain access to after signing up for sponsored program dates. 

Cancel for any reason coverage

UofL's CISI insurance policy is primarily for accidents/illnesses abroad and will cover medical treatment for COVID-19, medically necessary COVID-19 testing, and medical evacuations due to COVID-19 should they become necessary. The CISI policy also contains some coverage for cancellations, interruptions, and delay. This coverage is limited, however, and will not cover all situations. During the COVID-19 pandemic, we recommend that travelers purchase additional "Cancel/Interrupt For Any Reason" (CFAR/IFAR) coverage through CISI’s partner, Travel Insured International, to supplement their existing CISI coverage through UofL. There are no pandemic or epidemic exclusions with regard to trip cancellations/interruptions, so this coverage will be an added layer of protection during COVID-19.

Individual Travelers

Get a quote and purchase an individual “Cancel/Interrupt For Any Reason” (CFAR/IFAR) plan here.

Here is a summary of the plan options:



  1. There is one main plan that will come up for individual travelers called the Worldwide Trip Protector (WTP) plan. This base plan has over 20 triggers for trip interruption and cancellation (as well as additional coverage for things like trip delay and baggage). If the traveler’s reason for cancelling/interruption a trip fits within one of these triggers (like unforeseen quarantine!), they may be eligible for reimbursement up to 100% (cancellation) or $150% (interruption) of the non-refundable trip cost.
  2. In addition to the base plan, there are several optional plan upgrades, including optional Cancellation for Any Reason (CFAR) and Interruption for Any Reason (IFAR). Residents of New York are only able to purchase CFAR but not IFAR. Travelers must enroll in the plan within 21 days of making their first non-refundable trip payment in order to qualify for CFAR or IFAR. These benefits will cover up to 75% of non-refundable trip costs.
  3. If your trip is less than 30 days with insured costs of less than $10,000, a more affordable and scaled down option called Worldwide Trip Protector Lite (WTPL) is available. This option has more limited benefits and does not allow for CFAR or IFAR.

More information can be found in the insurance documents below:

Group Trips

Groups of at least 10 travelers going to the same place for the same dates may be eligible for the plans listed below, which are more cost-effective than the above plans. For groups where fewer than 10 travelers wish to purchase Cancel For Any Reason (CFAR) coverage, the travelers must purchase individual CFAR coverage mentioned above. Please note that CFAR is not available to residents of New York for group plans.  

There are two different plan options for group trips. CISI must “register” the study abroad group in their partner Travel Insured International’s (TII) system 95 days before the trip departs. Please if you are interested in setting up a group plan.  Once the group is set up, travelers can enroll via a special link that will be sent to them prior to departure. They must enroll prior to making their final trip payment.

Here are the plan options for groups: 

1)   Student Basic with CFAR: This plan has the same 20+ standard Trip Cancellation and Trip Interruption triggers as the individual WTP plan AND also includes CFAR but no IFAR. The maximum amount that can be insured on this plan is $10,000.  See the plan details here and the plan overview here. In order for the group to qualify for the prices indicated, 80% of the participants must be age 35 or under. Otherwise, the plan rating will be based on trip cost and not on age or state of residency. Please note that, per TII, there will be some changes in rates and benefits coming in May or June 2021.  Trips registered before these changes happen are supposed to be able to lock in on the current rates for travel happening this year.

2)   Group Deluxe with CFAR: This plan has the same 20+ standard Trip Cancellation and Trip Interruption triggers as the WTP plan, AND includes CFAR but no IFAR.  The maximum amount that can be insured is $20,000. See the plan overview here.  Please note that, per TII, there will be some changes in rates and benefits coming in May or June 2021.  Trips registered before these changes happen are supposed to be able to lock in on the current rates for travel happening this year.

Additional Information

  • As a reminder, travelers can only insure their non-refundable travel expenses. This may include things like airfare, lodging, meals, and excursions. Insureds will need to provide proof of these costs at the time of claim, so an itemized breakdown from the program may be needed.
  • CFAR options are available on ALL plans (individual via CISI website (link) and group-enrollment options).
  • IFAR is only available via the individual CISI website (link) plans
  • CFAR or IFAR benefits pay up to 75% of the trip cost insured if the trip needs to be cancelled or interrupted due to an insured’s reason (i.e. cold feet, COVID concerns), since the plans are covering the insured and not the school or program.
  • CFAR starts the day after purchased and goes until 48 hours before scheduled departure date of trip.
  • IFAR starts 72 hours after scheduled departure date of trip and goes until scheduled return date.
  • There are additional benefits on all plans (like Trip Delay due to quarantine) that may be helpful.
  • These supplemental travel policies are long and complex, so it’s important that those interested in purchasing read the plan documentation in order to make an informed decision.
  • TII has a dedicated CISI number where students/employees with questions about the plan benefits can call. This number is 855-0918.
  • We encourage you to read this FAQs (link to FAQ document) from the insurance underwriter, Crum & Forester. This document covers many specific COVID-19 questions and concerns.