Students traveling internationally for non-study abroad purposes

General Procedure

Study Abroad is defined as:

  • Studying internationally through a third party program
  • Participating in an exchange program
  • Direct enrollment in a foreign institution
  • Participating in a faculty-led program

Students who are traveling internationally on behalf of the University but for reasons other than those listed above are required to file international travel forms and receive Provost approval.

This includes but is not limited to: Brown Fellow Summer Enrichment programs; Speed School international internships; graduate or undergraduate students conducting research, presenting papers, attending conferences at foreign locations; public health practicums; and medical students participating in overseas medical missions.

If you think this applies to you, or to receive further clarification, please send an
Be sure to include:

  • Dates of trip
  • Purpose
  • Location
  • Funding source

Additional Requirements

Please note that destinations on the US Department of State’s Travel Advisory list (Levels 2-3), the CDC’s Travel Notice Level 2 list, and the Department of the Treasury’s Sanctions list will require additional permissions and paperwork.  Students are prohibited from traveling to countries ranked as Level 4 "do not travel" by the Department of State or Level 3 "avoid nonessential travel" by the CDC. See the Travel Warning Policy for more details. 

Please if you are planning to travel to a country on any of these lists.

Provost approval

1. Work with your department to complete the individual student forms on the  Provost Travel Page at least 20 working days before departure. Forms should be signed by the traveler, chair, and dean before they arrive in the International Center.

Note: Destinations with government warnings may require additional forms and/or an appeal to travel.

2. International Center will send an email pre-approving the student to make travel arrangements. This email will request:

3. Student submits items requested in the pre-approval email.
4. Provost designee signs forms and sends approval email.