Going Green Abroad


In line with UofL's Sustainability Council, the Office of Study Abroad & International Travel encourages you to be conscientious and aware of your energy consumption while abroad.

The Office of Study Abroad & International Travel also tracks students' air mileage to further assist the Sustainability Council's goal of tracking and reducing carbon emissions, so be sure to email edabroad@louisville.edu your flight itinerary prior to your departure.

Ways to Go Green Abroad

Our office encourages you to think of creative ways to be environmentally friendly while you're abroad. Here are some suggestions:

  • Volunteer!
  • Ride your bike to class or around your host city!
  • Recycle! Ask your on-site coordinators for the nearest recycling locations.
  • Reuse a water bottle or your bag for grocery shopping!
  • Be conservative with your water usage!
  • Be conservative with electricity and keep lights turned off!
  • Try to limit over-using disposables (i.e. napkins,paper towels, etc.)

Does your study abroad provider have a green initiative?