Psychology majors are advised by the College of Arts and Sciences advisors, who can be reached by phone at 852-5502, walk-in at Gardiner Hall or the A&S Advising website. All questions pertaining to College of Arts and Sciences or University issues (admission/matriculation/graduation status, transfer credits, petitions for waivers, taking classes at another college, degree audits, etc.) should be referred to A&S advising.

Academic Counseling for Undergraduate Students

Academic Counseling is available for undergraduate students in the Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences.  Students are encouraged to meet with the department’s Academic Counselor, Tess Collins, to discuss post-graduate plans. Schedule a meeting HERE  for any of the following topics:

  • Possible career paths in psychology.
  • Graduate programs.
  • Explore types of graduate programs based on your interests and strengths.   
  • Identify how you can be better prepared for a career in psychology or social services.   
  • Explore academic/professional goals and identify steps to meet these goals.  
  • Support with preparing and applying to graduate programs.   
  • Undecided?  Meet to discuss if the Psychology major is right for you. 

Academic Counselor Contact Information:

Tess Collins, M.Ed. 


Life Sciences, 124  


Students are also encouraged to meet with any faculty member for questions about courses they teach, their research interests, getting involved in research labs, graduate school advice and conversation about the field of psychology. Please see the faculty information pages.

Note that Neuroscience majors should contact who directs the neuroscience major.