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Advising Requirements

Please visit the Undergraduate Catalog for University and Unit-Specific Advising Policies.

    Where Do I Go for Advising?

    Please contact the College Arts & Sciences Advising and Student Services at 502-852-5502 or visit See below for additional information on where you should be advised.

      • If you have been accepted into an A&S major program you are strongly encouraged to meet with your departmental advisor. Please contact your major department for information on their advising schedule.
      • All approved majors should meet with their departmental advisor at the beginning of your final year to make sure you are on track to graduate. Additionally, you should request a Preliminary Degree Check via the A&S Advising website once you reach approximately 90 hours.
      • If you are an A&S Honors student or a student enrolled in honors sections of A&S courses, call 502-852-6293 for an advising appointment.
      • If you are interested in a major in Criminal Justice, call 502-852-2686 for an advising appointment.
      • If you are interested in a major in Arts/Fine Arts/Art History, please email Theresa Berbet
      • If you are interested in a major in Anthropology or Geography/Geosciences, call 502-852-5575 for an advising appointment.
      • Student not advised in one of the above categories should call 502-852-5502, or come to the A&S Advising Center on the first floor of Gardiner Hall, to make an appointment.

      For information concerning advising through the Arts & Sciences Center for Advising during non-registration times, please call 852-5502.

      Contact Your Academic Advisor

      View a list of academic advisors by major.