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Advising Requirements

Advising is required for the following students:

    • All students with fewer than 24 earned credit hours
    • Transfer students, upon initial admission and in their first semester
    • All first-semester IUT (Intra-University Transfer) students
    • Students with more than 45 earned credit hours who have not formally applied for, and been accepted into, a major program
    • All students whose cumulative UofL GPA is below 2.0
    • All students on conditional status
    • All students readmitted to the university after sitting out more than 1 semester

    All approved majors are strongly encouraged to meet with their departmental advisor at the beginning of the senior year to make sure they are on track for graduation.

    Where Do I Go for Advising?

    Please contact the College Arts & Sciences Advising and Student Services at 502-852-5502 or visit See below for additional information on where you should be advised.

      • If you have been accepted into an A&S major program you are strongly encouraged to meet with your departmental advisor. Please contact your major department for information on their advising schedule.
      • All approved majors should meet with their departmental advisor at the beginning of your final year to make sure you are on track to graduate. Additionally, you should request a Preliminary Degree Check via the A&S Advising website once you reach approximately 90 hours.
      • If you are an A&S Honors student or a student enrolled in honors sections of A&S courses, call 502-852-6293 for an advising appointment.
      • If you are interested in a major in Criminal Justice, call 502-852-2686 for an advising appointment.
      • If you are interested in a major in Arts/Fine Arts/Art History, please email Theresa Berbet
      • If you are interested in a major in Anthropology or Geography/Geosciences, call 502-852-5575 for an advising appointment.
      • Student not advised in one of the above categories should call 502-852-5502, or come to the A&S Advising Center on the first floor of Gardiner Hall, to make an appointment.

      For information concerning advising through the Arts & Sciences Center for Advising during non-registration times, please call 852-5502.

      Contact Your Academic Advisor

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