Join the Lab

Research assistants perform a variety of tasks, including:

-Scheduling and running participants in experiments on speech perception and production
-Transcribing and coding speech by different talkers
-Gaining experience with computer software, including tools for speech analysis
-Helping construct experiments and analyzing data
-Finding journal articles at the library
-General assistance with lab organization

In the course of these activities, research assistants will learn about many new areas, including language development in children with speech, hearing, and/or language disorders and typical development, and how adults understand spoken language. These activities allow for learning about the process of doing research and permit engagement in professional development and activities which typically prepare students well for graduate school and the working world. Obtaining research experience is viewed particularly favorably by graduate school admissions committees.

Hours can be scheduled around your classes and other commitments. A commitment of approximately 8-10 hrs/wk (min: 5, max: 20) for at least two semesters is required. Research assistantships are available on a volunteer basis or for credit.

To Apply for a Research Assistant Position

  •  please email Dr. Kondaurova ( with short responses (1-5 sentences) to each of the following:
  • (1) name, major, GPA (in major and overall), and planned graduation date;
  • (2) statement of why this job interests you;
  • (3) planned course sequence for 2018-19, including number of credit hours;
  • (4) statement of college honors and/or activities (with #hrs/wk);
  • (5) high school activities and/or honors;
  • (6) range of hours you could commit for Fall and Spring (and/or Summer) semesters, and preferred (ideal) number of hours;
  • (7) contact info for two (unrelated) references;
  • (8) resume/CV;
  • (9) whether you wish to be considered for a research assistantship on a volunteer basis and/or for credit;
  • (10) if you have previously been involved in the research lab, average number of hours you have spent in the lab for each week you worked in the lab.