Picture of Ed Essock

I was born in St. Louis and went to college at the University of Iowa where I found a love of doing experiments to test ideas about perception. My honors thesis was on the perception of orientation -- an area that I've come back to in my current research. I went to graduate school at Brown University focusing on spatial vision (and earning my spot on the wall of day-of-doctoral-defense photos -- see picture to left). After Brown I took a post-doc at the University of California (Berkeley) School of Optometry to work with Jay Enoch learning clinical applications of vision science; in particular, the "perceptive fields" of Layer-by-Layer Perimetry. Both Providence and Berkeley were wonderful places to study vision. After working as a research scientist at Berkeley and the Eye Research Institute in Boston (now the Schepens Eye Research Institute), I joined the department at Louisville where we've subsequently built up a large vision group. I've been at Louisville for about 20 years and am a Professor in the Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences and hold an Associate appointment in the Department on Ophthalmology and Visual Science. I've been honored to hold an appointment as a University Scholar at the University of Louisville. I'm married with two daughters, one who is in college and the other is in graduate school.