ProCard Policy Updates - Effective September 19, 2017

Our office would like to inform you of changes to ProCard policies effective September 19, 2017. These changes are part of our continuous efforts to increase operational efficiencies, provide procedural clarity, strengthen contracts and improve university purchasing controls.

1. The ProCard default spending limits will be increased to be consistent with benchmarked universities. 

  • This change will only effect current active cards with default limits of $2,500 which will change to $4,500 per transaction and the monthly limit of $10,000 will now be $15,000.

2. Restrict purchase orders for amounts less than $4,500. Instead, the ProCard must be used if accepted by the vendor and not restricted by ProCard policies.  Procurement Services must continue to execute contracts/departmental agreements prior to ProCard use.

 3. Temporary or permanent Spending Limit Requests will now be approved by the Department LFO based on budget considerations.

 4. Amazon purchases must now be made through the University’s Amazon Business Account. 

  • Benefits include:
    • Automatic sales tax exemption
    • Free Two-Day Shipping on orders over $49 (learn more)
    • Pricing and quantity discounts
    • Separation of Personal and Amazon Business accounts
    • Access to a specialized Customer Service team - Amazon Business Customer Service at (888) 281-3847
    • Warnings on out-of-policy items (such as office supplies)


5. Amazon Prime Memberships (new and renewal) are now considered a restricted ProCard Purchase. 

Please contact the ProCard Office at or 852-7520 with any questions.