ProCard Statements for Billing Cycles with No Activity

Posted:  February 20, 2013

The ProCard Office recently switched to a new card management system per a requirement from PNC and VISA.  This new system does not generate electronic statements for cards that did not have activity within a particular billing cycle.  Therefore, cardholders, reconcilers, and approvers will now only receive statements for cards with transaction activity.

Regardless of card activity, a Transaction Summary Log (TSL) must be completed and signed by the relevant parties each month.  This is to ensure the cardholder, reconciler, and approver are reviewing/validating the transactions on a monthly basis, including zero activity months.  Having TSLs signed monthly also facilitates the monthly liaison certification process.

If you do not receive a statement for a billing cycle in which you think you had transaction activity, contact the ProCard Office immediately so we can research the issue.  In addition, you can also verify activity for a billing cycle by viewing your transactions in PeopleSoft (reconcilers and approvers) or through University Reports.