Policy Change: ProCard Online Approval Process

Effective immediately, the online approval process in PeopleSoft is no longer a requirement.  The primary role of an approver, as it has always been, is to review and sign-off on the hard copy documentation (transaction summary log, original receipts, and bank statement) by the 15th of each month following the statement receipt.  If this approval process change causes the approver on any ProCard to change then it is imperative that you notify the ProCard Office by submitting the change form.

Approvers who find the online process beneficial to his/her ProCard review may continue to approve online as necessary, and any new approvers who wish to utilize the online approvals will be granted access after attending training.

A reminder regarding the recent policy change pertaining to the role of an approver:Effective April 5, 2011 - The approver of a ProCard must not be a subordinate in the direct reporting line of the cardholder.  The approver's responsibility is to verify that purchases are appropriate for the funding source and are for the benefit of the university.  In order to best perform these duties, the approver must have the authority to question any transaction and report any violations as necessary.