Faculty Favorite Awards

Philosophy faculty receive Faculty Favorite Awards
Faculty Favorite Awards

Lauren Freeman

-Dr. Freeman is one of the few people who has had a truly profound and lasting impact on my growth as a person. Her courses have challenged assumptions in how I think about other people and expanded my world-view. Dr. Freeman has pushed me to be my best most empathetic and humanistic self. She has given me a solid foundation in critical thinking, and pushes me to reach for bigger and bigger goals, encouraging me every step of the way. Dr. Freeman is one of those rare people who is really in tune with what each person needs or is interested in, and then uses that information to push people towards opportunities that would fit them well. She has been a solid source for both challenging the way I think and who I am, as well as pointing me toward new challenges and encouraging me the whole way, which has been more meaningful than I could ever hope to describe. Her excitement for my future and her beliefs about what I can accomplish constantly rub off on me, and I've learned from her that no goal is too big. In a world that can be at times discouraging and overwhelming, Dr. Freeman is always a bright positive star to look towards. Her passion for people and her strong, resilient, resolute personality has given me a great model for the type of person I want to be. The person I am and continue to become is much indebted to Dr. Freeman, and I think for an educator to affect not just someone's mind but the core of their person as she has done for me, is a rare but truly invaluable thing, and is the deepest and most genuine type of education you can receive. I am a better person and a better thinker for knowing Dr. Freeman, and the impact she has had on me will, without doubt, last forever.

-Dr. Freeman has been a wonderful influence and encourager in my life this past year. She has been my absolute favorite instructor thus far.

Avery Kolers

This professor obviously puts great work and detail in running a class (PHIL308) that has been utterly eye-opening, engaging, and very important for my development as a student philosopher. He provides a challenging, but friendly environment where all present are intellectually liberated to do their best work. His critiques of student papers are thorough, and he does very well to convey to us how to properly do philosophy, form an argument, and think critically. One of the best teachers I've ever had.

Thomas Maloney

-Damned good.

Nancy Potter

-Dr. Nancy Potter is a superb teacher and excellent role model re writing and thought in the field of ethics. It was a gift to be taught by her.

Robert Urekew

-He's a great professor. I could tell he loved his students, and he knew what he was teaching. He loved teaching us philosophy and really wanted us to preform well.

-He is an amazing professor.