The Philosophy Club & Phi Sigma Tau

Do you find yourself mulling questions such as the possibility of social change, the human condition, the possibility of knowledge? Are you always asking your friends followup questions? Do you sometimes doubt the things that others take to be obvious?

What Is the Philosophy Club?

The Philosophy Club is a lively group of students and faculty who meet informally to discuss philosophical, social, political, and cultural topics in a fun atmosphere. We also watch occasional Philms and sponsor reading groups.

The Philosophy Club meets periodically in Humanities 300 -- meeting days and times change to accommodate participants, so if you are interested please contact for info.

What Is Phi Sigma Tau?

U of L is home to the Kentucky Epsilon chapter of Phi Sigma Tau national honors society in Philosophy. Requirements for induction include being in the top 35% of the class overall and a GPA higher than 3.0 in at least 2 Philosophy courses. At least once per year we induct new members and elect a new board at a dessert party hosted by the faculty adviser. In addition to cosponsoring the Humphrey Colloquium, Phi Sigma Tau undertakes various philosophically associated activities throughout the year.  For more information contact

Join the Phi Sigma Tau Facebook Group!  Anyone can join. For more information, check out the national PST website.