Asaf Angermann

Assistant Professor Term of Philosophy and Jewish Thought


Research and Teaching Interests

19th and 20th Century Continental Philosophy, Critical Theory and the Frankfurt School, Modern Jewish Thought, Jewish Mysticism, Modern European and Jewish Intellectual History, Critical Race Theory, Feminism and Philosophy of Gender, Aesthetics and Culture Studies.

About Prof. Angermann

Asaf Angermann specializes in critical social philosophy, philosophy of religion, ethics, and aesthetics – mainly, but not only, in the continental philosophy tradition. He teaches and writes about topics in Critical Theory (Theodor W. Adorno, The Frankfurt School, and beyond), modern Jewish thought, as well as on philosophy of race and racism, and philosophy of gender and sexuality.

A cosmopolitan philosopher, he was born and raised in Israel, and has studied at the universities of Tel Aviv, London, Berlin, and Frankfurt, before crossing the pond for post-doctoral positions at the University of Toronto and at Yale University. At the University of Louisville, he is teaching at the Department of Philosophy and the Department of Comparative Humanities courses in Critical Social Theory, Modern Jewish Thought, Philosophy of Race and Racism, Philosophy of Sexuality, and Aesthetics.

He is the author of Damaged Irony: Kierkegaard, Adorno, and the Negative Dialectics of Critical Subjectivity (de Gruyter, 2014; selected for publication in Kierkegaard Studies, the official book series of the Søren Kierkegaard Research Center in Copenhagen), which has been praised in journals such as Zeitschrift für Religions- und Geistesgeschichte/Journal of Religious and Cultural Studies and Revue de Théologie et de Philosophie/Review of Theology and Philosophy.

Asaf Angermann’s annotated edition of the correspondence between Theodor W. Adorno and Gershom Scholem was published in 2015 with Suhrkamp (Adorno and Scholem’s original German publisher). Upon its publication, the volume was enthusiastically reviewed by philosopher Jürgen Habermas, who described the correspondence as a “documentation of one of the finest hours of German-Jewish intellectual history – after the Holocaust. The comments by editor Asaf Angermann, meticulously researched, are a reminder of the widely ramified network of relationships between a grand generation of German-Jewish intellectuals.” The book has received numerous praising reviews in German, Spanish, Italian, and American newspapers and journals and was included on several “Best Book of the Year” lists in Germany. It appeared in Spanish translation with Eterna Cadencia, Buenos Aires, in 2016. An English translation, with a new introduction to Anglo-American readers by Asaf Angermann, is forthcoming with Polity Books in 2021.

In 2017, he translated into Hebrew (from German) Theodor W. Adorno’s book Education to Autonomy and Responsibility, which presents Adorno’s critical philosophy of education. The volume, which is the first ever book by Adorno to appear in Hebrew, includes Asaf Angermann’s comprehensive introduction and commentary.

Prof. Angermann has published on topics in Critical Theory, Jewish philosophy, and feminist philosophy, most recently in Hypatia: Journal of Feminist Philosophy, The Blackwell Companion to Adorno, and The Oxford Handbook to Adorno. Currently, he is completing new work on Black-Jewish relations and on Critical Theory of Race, Gender, and Sexuality.