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Why Study Philosophy?

Philosophy is both the study of the fundamental human questions and the exercise of clear reasoning. Specialized areas of philosophy give us deeper understanding of work in other disciplines. Philosophy also addresses contemporary issues, including environmental policy, ethical problems in business and medicine, movements for social justice, and the development of artificial intelligence.

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Humphrey Colloquium Returns!

The Steven Humphrey Undergraduate Philosophy Colloquium is now scheduled for November 11, 2022. Students from around North America will share their philosophical ideas & arguments. Keynote address by Dr. Teresa Robertson Ishii (UC-Santa Barbara). Informal discussion on philosophical education with Prof. Nathan Salmón (UC-Santa Barbara). Workshop by the editors of Stance undergraduate philosophy journal on publishing your research as an undergraduate. More information here.

The Philosophy Department is grateful to Steven Humphrey for his ongoing, very generous financial support of the Colloquium.

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