School of Nursing faculty, students present at SNRS 2012 conference

A total of 17 UofL School of Nursing faculty and doctoral students attended the Southern Nursing Research Society 2012 Conference Feb. 22-25 in New Orleans. It is the first time the school had an exhibit display at the conference.

"Our presence at the conference demonstrates the high level of commitment to research and scholarship of our faculty and students," said Lynne Hall, DrPH, RN, associate dean of research.

Eight nursing faculty members gave podium and poster presentations. They are:

  • Diane Chlebowy, PhD, RN, “Facilitators and Barriers to Self-Management of Type 2 Diabetes among Rural African American Adults,” and “Motivation Interviewing to Improve Diabetes Outcomes in African American Adults,” (podium presentations); and “Relationship of Insurance Coverage to Diabetes Outcomes in African American Adults,” (poster presentation).
  • Lynne Hall, DrPH, RN, “Third Trimester Predictors of Postpartum Depressive Symptoms of Women 4-6 Weeks after Return to Work,” (podium presentation), and “The Trajectory of Psychosocial Health of Childbearing Women,” (poster presentation).
  • Carla Hermann, PhD, RN, “Anxiety and Depression in Patients Near the End of Life: A Longitudinal Perspective,” (podium presentation).
  • Vicki Hines-Martin, PhD, CNS, RN, FAAN, “Understanding Environment and Health - The Dosker Manor Study,” (poster presentation).
  • Lee Ridner, PhD, FNP-BC, “Peer Mentor Impact on Dietary and Physical Activity on College Students,” (podium presentation).
  • Judy Schreiber, PhD, RN, “Psychometric Properties of Image of God Scale in Breast Cancer Survivors,” (podium presentation).
  • Celeste Shawler, PhD, PMHCNS-BC, “Older Mothers and Adult Daughters: Inner Strength, Health Related Quality of Life and Hypertension Self-Management Behaviors,” (podium presentation).
  • Barbara Speck, PhD, RN, “Comparison of Select Variables Related to Physical Activity in Rural and Urban Low-income Women,” (podium presentation).

Eight nursing doctoral students also had the opportunity to present at the SNRS 2012 Conference through funding from the School of Nursing. They are:

  • Anna Jorayeva, with Deborah Armstrong, Robert Topp, Kelly Morris, S. Bickett and P. Photiadis, “The Effect of Preoperative Massage on Anxiety in Perioperative Client.”
  • Hatem Manasrah, “The Assessment of Nutritional Knowledge among Jordanian Nurses Who Work in Oncology Settings.”
  • Jean Edward,with Vicki Hines-Martin and Sharon Bowland (Kent School of Social Work), “Social Determinants and Disparities in Health Status: The Availability of Dietary Needs in a Low Income, Inner City, Public Housing Community.”
  • Jiying Ling and Maryam Alaradi with Barbara Jackson and Carlee Lehna. “What Baccalaureate Registered Nursing Students Found Out from a Home Safety Assignment.”
  • Lisa Carter-Harris,withCarla Hermann,Health-Seeking Behaviors in Lung Cancer.”
  • Sheila Steinbrenner, “Sexual Assault Services and Service Providers in the Free State Province, South Africa.”
  • Xiaorong Wang with Karen Robinson, “Implementing Living Well Workshops for Immigrants who Speak Mandarin.”