Nursing students take the next step

More than 100 UofL nursing students will mark their entry into Upper Division during a transition ceremony Sunday, Sept. 18.

Students at the Transition CeremonyThe ceremony will run from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. at the Kornhauser Library auditorium at the Health Sciences Center. During the event, students will recite the Nursing Honor Code pledge. The 114 total includes traditional students, accelerated second-degree students and Owensboro extension program students.

“This is an important symbol for the students entering the professional portion of their education,” said Marcia Hern, EdD, CNS, RN, UofL School of Nursing dean and professor. “Our students are extremely bright – we admit the best.”


The average grade point average for the 58 traditional students is 3.8 – of those, four had a perfect 4.0.