School of Nursing faculty recognized as Faculty Favorites nominees

School of Nursing Faculty Favorites Nominees

2019-2020 Delphi Center Faculty Favorites Awards

Each year the Delphi Center for Teaching and Learning asks students to nominate faculty, staff and GTAs who make a difference in the classroom and to their college experience. Congratulations to all 2019-2020 School of Nursing Faculty Favorites nominees!

Paul Clark – UofL Top 4:

Congratulations to Dr. Paul Clark, PhD, RN, MA for being named a Top 4 Faculty Favorite of 2019-2020. This year, students submitted 1,040 nominations for 444 faculty members. And of those 444 faculty, Clark ranked in the top 4.

“Dr. Clark is awesome, he teaches us very well and helps the students when needed. He is always there for the students. He emailed us so many times almost every day to check on us during these difficult times. He is the real Professor that UofL always needs. I heartily appreciated whatever he did for us in this semester. I hope he will know this, we really appreciated him.”

“One of the best professors/instructors I have ever had. Encourages me and gives me confidence as a new nurse.”

“Very helpful in my transition into upper division.”

“He is the best.”

“Professor Paul Clark has made an impact on my college career as well as my future nursing career by not only being a well thought out, insightful professor, but by also being a great inspiration of the nurse I want to be one day. He has given me as a student and future professional a great look into what it means to be a great nurse, how supportive the community of nurses can be, and how to be prepared for every situation that a nurse comes across. I feel confident that with his guidance through class and advice about his profession, I will be the best nurse that I can be.”

“Dr. Clark has made learning material fun and interactive. His bubbly personality and eagerness for us to succeed makes a scary class fun to come to and easy to excel in.”

“He is such an engaging teacher, I enjoy knowing he is going to lecture and learning the content. He presents the content in a way that is memorable, while combining stories that keep your interest.”

“Dr. Clark personally worked with me to facilitate my interest in the research world. He actively went out of his way to demonstrate and explain concepts and helped me better understand the research process. All the while, with an infectiously positive attitude. He is an icon on the School of Nursing campus and leaves a lasting impression on all those around him.”

“Paul Clark is not only an incredible teacher but also person. He shows so much love and passion for all of his students and other faculty members.”

“Amazing professor!”

“Amazing instructor! Truly cares about his students and their learning.”

“Dr. Clark is extremely helpful. He is always respectful, kind, encouraging, and positive. This semester was the second time I had him as a professor and he was always willing to go the extra mile to help with whatever I needed. His passion for nursing is evident in everything he does and I believe he is a worthy recipient for this award.”

“Dr. Clark has been my favorite professor at the School of Nursing by far! He makes learning enjoyable and exciting!”

“Dr. Clark has such an uplifting personality that consistently kept us engaged in class before the start of online learning. Since this began, he never failed to send encouraging messages to lift our spirits and help get us through the remainder of the semester.”

“Professor Clark is a genuine teacher. He wants everyone of his students to succeed. He is personable and makes learning fun.”

“Dr. Clark did an outstanding job not only keeping his students engaged during course instruction; but, ensuring his students felt heard, cared for, and able to raise concerns.”

“Paul Clark has been extremely helpful this semester. He has a very positive attitude which makes school much more enjoyable.”

Additional SON Nominees

Said Abusalem:

“Dr. A has been one of the most genuine and caring professors I have ever had the pleasure of working with. He is loved by current and former students. I had the opportunity to take his class in my Bachelors program, and then again this semester as a Doctoral student. I would like to recognize his commitment to his students and willingness to help out and listen to their (our) needs. ‘Are you with me?’”

Leah Ashby:

“I am an ICU nurse facing a lot on the front lines of battling COVID-19 and when I had trouble getting an assignment in on time do to extremely long work hours and stress, Leah was very gracious and accommodating on helping me complete the portfolio course successfully. I felt very supported during this difficult time.”

Kristin Baisch:

"Kristin is absolutely fantastic. She is so dedicated to her students even with everything she has going on in her personal life. She had an exceptionally tough semester with sick kiddos and her own PhD work but she was ALWAYS available and helpful for us. We could text her or call her or just send an email and she was always there. She helped us all succeed this semester by leveling with us all on personal and professional matters. I really can't imagine getting through this semester as successfully as I did without her. She deserves all the recognition for this and more!”

“Mrs. Baisch does a very good job of helping her students retain information. I have learned more from her than any professor throughout my educational career. She teaches with using multiple methods that promote retention. Not only does she help us retain information, but she also makes learning fun. I have thoroughly enjoyed her lectures and she is a great person and teacher! Her passion for teaching and for her students wellbeing is unmeasured! She deserves this award!”

Sarah Carter:

“This professor goes above and beyond of what is expected, she is quick to provide her assistance to students inside and outside of the classroom, and also creates a positive environment in which students feel comfortable to share their feedback.”

Diane Chlebowy:

“Dr. Chlebowy was so kind, encouraging, and understanding during the last couple of months during this semester. She is always available via phone or email and willing to meet (prior to quarantine). She was so helpful when I was trying to figure out how to get everything done.”

Rudy Clark:

“Dr. Clark was awesome this semester. She had us transition to online in the most natural way and she kept our spirits up by being so understanding. She is a phenomenal instructor and she deserves an award for her dedication to her students.”

Amanda Deerr:

“I wanted to nominate Amanda due to her amazing help during my clinicals. She was always present to explain something or help me understand.”

Jessica Emery:

“She is always professional! Willing to help you learn in any area... even in other classes she would have one-on-one talks. She sat down with a group and had helpful hints on how to do math that was not her class. She is always smiling and friendly. I enjoyed having her this semester.”

Lynnette Galloway:

“Simply the most caring and dedicated professor of our time.”

Rebecca Gesler:

“Dr. Gesler made sure to check in with the class as a whole and myself repeatedly throughout the end of the semester. She would even ask how I was holding up or if I needed anything if I texted her regarding something for class. I have never had a teacher be as caring as she is!”

Mary Gregory:

“Mary is what all clinical instructors should be. She displayed numerous qualities that of not only a great nurse to patients, but a nurse that took younger nurses under her wing and created excitement and passion about the profession we are entering. Extremely knowledgeable and intelligent, yet kind, humble and compassionate. She would offer reassurance and support for tense or difficult moments in the clinical setting. She would educate in a way that took into account our level of knowledge at the time, without doubting us or our abilities. Mary went the extra mile and was able to place me in observation in the operating room, a place that I have always considered being a nurse. At times of high stress and chaos in our classroom courses, she took a few minutes to sit and talk with us about "how it was all going." She cared about our psychological well being and it made the world of difference for motivation to get through the nursing programs tough curriculum. A wonderful role model, educator and addition to the nursing program, I truly feel that Mary deserves recognition of exceeding expectations and creating a positive and memorable clinical experience.”

Eileen Grigutis:

“Dr. Grigutis is an exceptional professor. She really went above and beyond in teaching our class this semester and stayed positive and found ways to stay in contact with us when we transitioned to online classes. She not only cares about our education but us as individuals. She takes the time, regardless of the hour of day, to answer any questions or concerns we have.”

“Dr. G was so understanding this semester. She talked me out of giving up more than once and was completely supportive and understanding of my circumstances in trying to finish this semester. She helped ease my stress and anxiety tremendously as everything started shifting during the quarantine.”

“Professor Grigutis is always a team player for the students! I appreciate her empathy with us always and enjoy learning from experiences she has from her own practice. I look forward to having her again.”

Kimberly Hartson:

“Dr. Hartson was someone we could count on during this very weird semester. She was always sure to keep us updated in emails and was even available through text. Her calm demeanor made a very anxiety provoking time a bit less scary.”

Dedra Hayden:

“Dr. Hayden shows she really cares about her students and I know she's here for all of us.”

“Dr. Hayden is exemplary because despite the difficulty of her courses, she is patient and reassuring, reminding everyone that we can do this; even more so since the outbreak and the uncertainty it brought forth. Dr. Hayden seems genuinely interested in students' wellbeing, our experience at UofL, and our continued academic success, which inspires a great amount of trust.”

“Dr. Hayden has gone above and beyond to ensure our learning not only this semester but every semester. She provides several different methods of communication and is truly willing to do what ever it takes to ensure we are equipped to be leaders in the Nursing Community. I can only hope to be as skilled, confident, and gracious as she is as a provider and mentor.”

Heather Mitchell:

“She has been so helpful in this whole process of the change to online lectures.”

“Dr. Mitchell has always been a great and engaging lecturer, but during this uncertain time, she was a source of strength and information. She always does everything she can to make sure we are comfortable with our material, and checked in on us to make sure we were just generally okay.”

“Heather Mitchell and Ashleigh Humphrey went above and beyond to make sure every single student was doing okay in this COVID-19 crisis. They were there for me to listen not only about classroom content but about my personal issues. They are the best thing to ever happen to the University of Louisville School of Nursing.”

“Dr. Mitchell is the best instructor I have ever had. The way she teaches, it just clicks. She truly cares about her students and wants us to succeed.”

“Dr. Mitchell has been the most supportive instructor. From reaching out just to check on us, to ensuring that she thinks about how her decisions will affect each student in our cohort, she has been so great and such a great role model for us. Fall 2020 cohort appreciates what she has done more than she knows. Thank you so much for everything, you are seriously the best!!!!”

“Literally the greatest human being ever.”

“She did an amazing job adapting to the new online format and made sure it went smoothly for the students during this uncertain time.”

“Always positive and going out of her way to ensure the best for her students and our success! She is everything!!!”

“Heather Mitchell is an amazing professor who has truly helped nursing students so much with all of the changes that have occurred due to the coronavirus outbreak. Heather Mitchell helped us out significantly by allowing us to stay well-informed and making it so much easier to transition online. She has been there for us 110% of the time.”

“Dr. Mitchell is probably the best professor/instructor in the entire School of Nursing faculty. She strives to ensure student success, she truly wants everyone to succeed, and she is always available to students no matter what they need!”

“Dr. Heather Mitchell did a great job encouraging and helping out the nursing students in MOC2 this Spring, on top being a phenomenal teacher. When she explains nursing concepts, I feel like I really understand the material. Her exam material is set up to test our understanding, but also to help us critically think in order to succeed as an RN and pass the NCLEX.”

“She always tries her best to help us succeed in any way possible that she can!”

“For me, she is the best professor I have had at UofL. She is really good at breaking down complicated subjects so that you can understand and retain important information.”

“Heather Mitchell has truly made a seamless transition during this time. She truly cares for her students. She has been so understanding. Thank you for all you do Dr. Mitchell.”

“She knows her stuff! Awesome professor!”

Diane Riff:

“Dr. Riff has been amazing! Dr. Riff knew exactly how to instill the confidence in me that I needed to finish my BSN and finish well. I am exceedingly proud of myself and so thankful for Dr. Riff's compassionate way of encouraging and motivating me through this challenging process. She deserves every bit of my nomination!”

Kristin Roach:

“Professor Roach really takes the time to make sure we know what the material is. She also is conscious about our stress and helping relieve that as much as she can.”

Lynne Roser:

“Dr. Roser deeply cares about her students' success and has gone above and beyond to help me succeed and make me feel like an individual rather than just another student in the classroom.”

Bailey Stiff:

“Mrs. Stiff's bubbly personality was a breath of fresh from start to finish this semester. Meeting for our Health Assessment class always brightened my day and even after transitioning to online she kept things interesting and enjoyable.”

“Mrs. Stiff is an excellent professor. She has been helpful in my understanding of the material that was covered this semester.”

“She is always there to answer my questions and she has been her normal bubbly self during these difficult times. And she was the first one to believe in me after I failed my first pharm exam.”

Karen Turner:

“Dr. Turner is an outstanding professor. When I entered this semester, I wasn't even considering maternal newborn as a potential future area of nursing to join. She changed my mind and more. She is incredibly knowledgeable and engaging. She also challenges her students in order to prepare them for what they might encounter in the future. Dr. Turner has always made herself available to students to review tests and develop strategies for better success in the classroom. She is who every professor should strive to be like.”

“Dr Turner holds high expectations of her students and celebrates in our success. Doing well in her course is incredibly rewarding- She has challenged me to become a better student and has taught many lessons, academically and in life. I will always remember her while I'm working to save lives and say "I will think before I do". I feel it is an honor for UofL and the SON to have Dr Turner as an instructor.”

“Dr. Turner made me fall so in love with maternal heath and the laboring patient this semester. She taught her material in a way that was stimulating and made me want to go home and read even more about it. She was very invested in my learning and I could tell. Dr. Turner projects her passion for the subject and is a wonderful human and a fantastic educator. Big high-five!!”

Brandy Wardrip:

“Ms. Wardrip went above and beyond in ensuring I had a successful semester. Her knowledge in explaining my responsibilities, her patience and understanding, her sense of humor, has no comparison. I am grateful to have met her. Her warmth radiates from within.”

Angela Washington:

“One of the best nurses and instructors I have ever met. Is extremely understanding and adaptive to students' needs. Boosts my confidence and makes me feel capable.”

“Dr. Washington is always in a great mood and always so helpful.”

Robert Wheat:

“Mr. Wheat has contributed an extensive amount to my clinical learnings. This semester (the first two months) I learned more than I have in any other class. He is passionate about his work and continues to assist in our growth daily. He reiterates my passion for nursing and why I chose this profession in the first place.”

Cristin Whitaker:

“Ms. Whitaker is very passionate with what she does. She has a unique way of teaching. She challenges us during clinical to think critically. I was afraid of maternal newborn, but because of her I did well and enjoyed that class. Plus how many instructors eat lunch with their students at clinical? Ms. Whitaker will!”

Imelda Wright:

“Dr. Wright has been beyond wonderful to me and our cohorts even before all of this craziness. She has constantly not only encouraged us to be better students but better human beings as well. And with everything going on now, she's become so much more than just a teacher for us. She's become a mentor, a friend, a therapist when needed but above all, she's a wonderful human.”

“I have honestly never had a professor be so caring and generous. She always made my Pharmacology class feel welcomed and it was an online class. She held extra sessions every Monday for people to ask questions and went in depth on emails. She always emphasized how it important it was to her for us to be successful!!”

“I have had her for my summer Pharmacology and Management of Care this fall semester and she has been such a role model to me. She takes time and cares extremely for every one of her students. She tells us facts but also lifetime experiences that give us students stories to remember and to learn from. She also motivates her students to remember that if you put your heart into something you can achieve anything you desire to achieve. Overall she is an amazing instructor and has such a big heart for all of her students.”

“Dr. Wright has been a inspirational example of what a nurse exemplifies. Her dedication to both the career and the students is something that all her students can see and appreciate. She is always looking for our input and is always offering her help. I know it's not only me that can see her effort and love her for her dedication. She is a great professor, fun lecturer, and a genuinely good person.”

“Dr. Wright is an OUTSTANDING professor and educator. She is challenging both in lecture and clinical and truly goes above and beyond. Plus, she just earned her doctoral degree which is an exceptional achievement.”

“She was so kind and genuinely cared about our safety when we transitioned to online classes. All of her emails and announcements were positive, encouraging, and gave me the sense that everything would be okay. She is very educated and helpful with everything she does. I have enjoyed having her as a professor the past two years.”

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