Scholarship Application

Eligible Students

  • Traditional BSN students must have satisfactorily completed first semester of clinical coursework prior to disbursement of scholarship funds. Students may apply while enrolled in first semester of upper division.
  • Degree Seeking Graduate Nursing Students

 NOTE:  Lower division nursing students are not eligible to apply for nursing scholarships.

  1. Notification of scholarships.  The School of Nursing, Office of Student Services (OSS) will notify students about scholarships and the scholarship submission process during the spring semester.
  2. Submission of Federal Student Aid. Students must submit an application for financial aid to the Office of Financial Aid.  In order to provide accurate financial information to the selection committee and to the Office of Financial Aid, the applicant must submit the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) form.  This form must be submitted to Federal Student Aid Programs onlinein order be considered for a School of Nursing scholarship. Students must submit the application on-line at and include an email address with the application.  Students will receive the Student Aid Report (SAR) after the FAFSA is processed.  The SAR will be received within a few days by email using address provided in the FAFSA application.  If the SAR is not received within two weeks, call 1-800-433-3243 and request information on the status of the SAR.
  3. Submission of the Scholarship Application.  Students should apply through the Office of Student Services using the University of Louisville School of Nursing Scholarship Fund Application below. Once the Student Aid Report (SAR) is received, students should complete the scholarship application and attach the SAR.  The SAR contains the Estimated Family Contribution number (EFC).
Contact Information
Section I - Academic Information
Enrolled in Undergraduate Nursing Program
Enrolled in Graduate Nursing Program
Section II - Extracurricular Information
Section III - Financial Need Information
Section IV - Scholarship Criteria
Scholarship funds are made available through the generosity of donors. The award criteria are often specifically based on the wishes of the donor and/or their families that established the fund. The questions below will assist the School of Nursing to best match a student with the appropriate donor intentions.
All information provided on this application is correct to the best of my knowledge. I authorize the Office of Student Services to release my academic record to the School of Nursing’s appropriate committee(s).  
Financial need will be based on information from the Student Aid Report and the financial need section of this application as provided by the student.