Post Clinical Evaluation Form

Underserved Area  
Please select the most appropriate answer
1. Is adequate space provided?
2. Is adequate time given to see clients?
3. Are there sufficient numbers of clients?
4. Are the types of clients varied as to age, type of problem, etc?
5. Are students allowed to selected clients according to their needs?
6. Are students given the opportunity to follow-up with clients and/or problems of interest?
7. Are reports from lab and x-ray accessible to students?
8. Is support staff appropriately helpful to students?
9. Is supporting staff accepting of student’s role?
10. Is philosophy of clinic/site to provide health promotion and disease prevention?
11. Is philosophy of clinic/site to provide disease diagnosis and management?
12. Are instructional materials available for clients to supplement their learning (i.e. pamphlets, outside class opportunities, etc?)
13. Are community resources, other agencies, and professional disciplines involved with client welfare?
Please check one category that BEST describes the practice site.
General Comments
Do you recommend this agency/individual for other students?