University of Louisville School of Nursing Mission, Vision, Core Values


To role model professional excellence and to educate professional nurses who are prepared to achieve distinction in: 1) leadership, 2) innovation, 3) practice, 4) research/ scholarship, 5) engagement, and 6) service to meet the evolving health needs of a diverse society.

The ULSON mission is congruent with the University of Louisville Mission as identified at


To improve health and health outcomes by transforming health care and healthcare systems in partnership with consumers, stakeholders and other healthcare professionals.

Core Values

SON Core Values image featuring Greek architecture facade with six pillars representing compassion, curiosity, engagement, integrity, respect, and innovation along with a foundation labeled as accountability.

Accountability - Professional responsibility to Nursing and society that is the foundation for our core values which are:

Compassion - The ability to acknowledge others’ perspectives with concern for their wellbeing

Curiosity - A strong desire to learn and to know more as a life-long learner

Engagement - Mutual, collaborative relationships/partnerships focused on students, faculty, staff, professionals, consumers, and community stakeholders

Integrity - Behaving in an ethical, reliable, and accountable way in personal and professional environments

Respect - Demonstration of esteem for, or a sense of worth or value toward, others through communications and actions

Innovation - Application of novel solutions to meet new requirements, as well as unaddressed or emerging needs

Approved by the School of Nursing Faculty Organization 5.17.17