Clubs & Organizations

Editor’s Note: Note not all of the below organization are currently active at ULSOM. Those listed with officers for the upcoming year are most certainly active. Also if you think of a group worth creating please do. New Groups pop up every year. Contact Grant Fuerstenau ( for help creating new RSOs. 

AMA/KMA (American Medical Association/Kentucky Medical Association) 

The American Medical Association and Kentucky Medical Association are the unified voice of our profession and will be important to you throughout your medical career. Through your membership in these organizations, you will be a part of shaping the future of medicine. The AMA/KMA are currently involved in Medical Liability reform, coverage for our uninsured populations, Medicare reform, physician and patient education, health initiatives, and much more. As a student of ULSOM, you are automatically a member of the KMA and the Greater Louisville Medical Society with membership fees waived by those organizations. By joining the AMA, you completely establish yourself as an active, involved member of your profession. Your involvement and participation in the AMA/KMA now is just the beginning of an association that will benefit you and your profession throughout your career. Additionally, you will have the opportunity to attend state, regional, andnational meetings and participate in local initiatives and community service projects. AMA dues of $68.00 cover your entire four years of medical school and include a gift for joining. AMA members also receive a free subscription to the Journal of the American Medical Association. 

2021-2022 Officers: 

Lisa Anakwenze (President), Onyee Ibekwe (Secretary), Zoha Mian (Treasurer), 

Tasneem Karim (Programming), Jaleyea Foster (Membership/Outreach), Katarina Jones (Advocacy) 

AMWA (American Medical Women’s Association) 

The American Medical Women's Association is a national society for women in the medical field. We are centered on providing guidance and support for all women in medical school and beyond. There are no dues for the Louisville Chapter of AMWA. This year will be full of exciting events for our members and all students. Our events include panel discussions with local women physicians and researchers, a powderpuff football game as a fundraiser, a potluck dinner with students and Louisville women physicians, and volunteering events. If you are interested in women's health, this organization is definitely the best resource for you. Please contact any of the officers below if you have any questions. 

2021-2022 Officers: 

Airada Bricker, Hannah Wade, Sarah Johnson 

Anesthesiology Interest Group 

The Anesthesia Interest Group encourages awareness of anesthesia as a medical discipline and provides assistance to those students interested in pursuing it as a career. Our faculty adviser is Gary Loyd MD, Professor and Interim Chair of the Department of Anesthesiology and Perioperative Medicine. 

2021-2022 Officers: 

Airada Bricker, Justin Eichinger 

Association of Women Surgeons 

We are a chapter of the Association of Women Surgeons with a focus in providing information and advice to women interested in pursuing a career in surgery. 

2021-2022 Officers: 

Airada Bricker, Joslin Musick 

Cardiology Specialty Student Group 

The Cardiology Interest Group encourages awareness of cardiology as a medical discipline and provides assistance to those students interested in pursuing it as a career. 

2021-2022 Officers: 

Cole Dowdy, Torianne Shelton 

Cardiovascular Surgery Interest Group 

The Cardiovascular Surgery Interest Group (CVSIG) is a medical student organization dedicated to educating students about the cardiovascular/cardiothoracic surgery professions. We try to have monthly meetings where students can simply learn about this field or where students who are already interested can delve deeper and find out exactly what they should be doing and even practice relevant skills they will need in order to become a CV/CT surgeon. Every meeting will be accompanied by physicians from the University of Louisville's Cardiovascular and Thoracic Surgery Department, and meetings range from knot tying sessions to physician and resident forums. This interest group is a great way to educate yourself about the CV/CT medical profession, meet like minded individuals interested in similar specialties and interact with physicians. 

2021-2022 Officers: 

Sarah Johnson, Trey Kinison 

Clinical Ties 

Please see more information in the fall semester. 

2021-2022 Officers: 

Caroline Culver 

CMDA (Christian Medical and Dental Association) 

The Christian Medical and Dental Association (CMDA) is a non-denominational Christian organization. CMDA's mission is to help you grow spiritually throughout your years of medical or dental education, and train you for effective leadership in your profession. We participate in mentorship programs, Tuesday Weekly Luncheons (TWL), and various other activities. We also offer opportunities for community service activities. Membership is free and open to everyone. 

Contact Email: 

No officer information available 

Dermatology Interest Group 

Please see more information in the fall semester.  

2021-2022 Officers: 

Divija Sharma 

Emergency Medicine Interest Group 

The Emergency Medicine Interest Group (EMIG) meets throughout the year to learn more about the practice of emergency medicine. EMIG facilitates informative meetings on relevant and interesting topics in emergency medicine, student-physician networking, skills development, and shadowing opportunities. Watch for our meeting announcements in your email inbox and please plan to attend meetings! 

2021-2022 Officers: 

Ryan Jacobs, Makayla Campbell, Katarina Jones 

ENT Interest Group 

See Otolaryngology Interest Group. 

Family Medicine Interest Group The Family Medicine Interest Group is an organization dedicated to increasing awareness and interest in the specialty of Family Medicine. This we seek to accomplish by: 

  • • providing information about careers available in the field of Family Medicine 
  • • facilitating interaction and communication between students and Family Medicine faculty 
  • • providing leadership opportunities 
  • • providing members with the opportunity of getting involved both at the state level with the Kentucky Academy of Family Physicians (KAFP) and at the national level with the American Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP) 
  • • providing mentors for student members 

2021-2022 Officers: 

Julia Brown, Kendall Yount, Maria Sheilds, Amelia Mimms 

Global Health Interest Group 

The purpose of the International Medicine Club is to educate medical students about medical opportunities abroad. Also, the club functions to bring students with similar interests in international medicine together for monthly presentations by faculty about their own international experiences. The centerpiece of the club is a trip for a group of first-year medical students to Ecuador during the summer after first year. Our first trip to Ecuador was a huge success and we are working to make it an annual event. Membership is free and open to everyone. 

2021-2022 Officers: 

Manasaa Kannan 

HSC Pride 

Please look for information in the fall semester. 

2021-2022 Officers: 

Jessica Fulkerson, Katarina Jones 

Innovations in Medicine Club 

This club allows medical students to learn about the latest technologies and innovations in a variety of fields in medicine. Various talks include discussions from surgeons and engineers on the latest surgical devices and techniques used by cardiothoracic and orthopedic surgeons. This club is open to all who are interested in the latest advances in the field of medicine. 

2021-2022 Officers: 

Vishnu Patel 

Integrative Medicine Interest Group 

Please look for information in the fall semester. 

2021-2022 Officers: 

Lisa Anakwenze, Manasaa Kannan 

Internal Medicine Club 

The UofL Internal Medicine Club provides students with opportunities to learn more about career pathways in the rapidly changing field of Internal Medicine. The club is free and open to everyone. Through meetings, guest lectures, and informal interaction with residents and practicing internists, medical students at the University of Louisville can gain further insight into the field of Internal Medicine and its accompanying sub-specialties. Through this club we hope to foster enthusiasm for internal medicine in medical students during their pre-clinical years that will continue through their clinical years. 

2021-2022 Officers: 

Mary Parks, Torianne Shelton, Jenny Chen 

Interventional Radiology Interest Group 

The interventional radiology interest group aims to help students learn more about the field of IR and the training requirements to enter this specialty. 

2021-2022 Officers: 

Ali Wilt, Eric Shoen, Vishnu Patel 

Kidney MAPS 

The Kidney MAPs group is a newly developed organization that holds health-screening events at local community centers in under-served areas. First and second year medical students perform the screening, which includes: blood pressure check, height/weight/BMI, blood glucose, urine analysis, and a consultation about their results from all of the previous stations. This is a great opportunity to give back as well as gain some hands-on experience with real patients. Even though the name of the group is “Kidney MAPs” you by no means need to be interested in nephrology to join this group, we are more of a community outreach organization. 

2021-2022 Officers: 

Anne Crowner 

Louisville Diaper Campaign 

The LDC is a new organization with the goal of educating the community about the diaper crisis. Diapers are an essential need of all babies yet they are not included under WIC or any other governmental assistance programs. We are doing research and working to address this often unrecognized yet major health equity issue in both our community and country. 

2021-2022 Officers: 

Ali Floyd 

Medical Humanities and Social Justice in Healthcare 

The Medical Humanities and Social Justice in Healthcare group aims to increase participants understanding of medicine and the human condition. Meetings and events throughout the semester focus on the use of art, narratives and comics in medicine as well as documentary screenings and discussions on social justice issues in healthcare. 

2021-2022 Officers: 

No current leadership info available. 

Medical Student Sickle Cell Project 

The Medical Student Sickle Cell Project (MSSCP) works with the sickle cell population in the Kentuckiana area, and also the Sickle Cell Association of Kentuckiana (SCAK). The organization helps to organize, plan, and execute events for children with sickle cell, such as the Christmas party, 5k, and any other events planned by the SCAK. The organization also promotes mentoring with upperclassmen and its mentor, Dr. Suzanne Ildstad. 

No officer information available 

Medical Students for Choice/Family Planning Interest Group 

The Medical Students for Choice club hosts a variety of events, including trips to Planned Parenthood, a PROVIDE training event which teaches future physicians how to discuss birth control methods with patients, a mechanical aspiration workshop, and a variety of documentaries. 

2021-2022 Officers: 

Amelia Mimms, Juliana Spanova, Megh Kumar 

Med-Peds Interest Group 

Med-Peds club is a new club for those possibly interested in Med-Peds as a future career. Med-Peds is a 4-year residency program that combines Internal Medicine (adult medicine) with Pediatrics. The club is aimed at informing students more about Med-Peds, connecting them with residents in the U of L Med-Peds program, and creating a way for students to participate in service events. 

2021-2022 Officers: 

Grant Fuerstenau, Cassidy Schmidt, Ellie Poulos 


Please look for information in the fall semester. 

2021-2022 Officers: 

Caitlin Wessel, Amy Edgerton 

Medical Spanish Club 

Club for students to practice their medical Spanish and reach out to the local Spanish-speaking community 

2021-2022 Officers: 

Jaleyea Foster, Anikta Nair, Hannah Bergamini 

Medical Student Music Initiative 

To provide a creative outlet for medical students with musical talent of any level. 

2021-2022 Officers: 

Hannah Wade, Ryan Jacobs, Heath Stacy 

MRC (Medical Reserve Corps) 

The Medical Reserve Corps is a vital part of Louisville’s medical community. Volunteers of the University of Louisville’s student branch of the MRC stand ready to respond to community-wide medical emergencies if they should occur. The MRC student branch is lead by Bill Smock, MD, Associate Professor of Emergency Medicine. The MRC does not have assigned leaders as of the 2010-2011 school year, but you can 

No officer information available 

Military Medicine Interest Group (MMIG) MMIG is a new addition to ULSOM student organizations. It is open to civilians and HPSP students. The group does not exist for recruiting purposes. MMIG hopes to build a community of future military physicians from all branches, as well as former military physicians in the Louisville community. MMIG will host military speakers to discuss health-care within the military setting and pass along information relevant to military medicine and the Health Professions Scholarship Program. The group hopes to expand the resources available to medical students interested in a medical career in the armed forces, military-sponsored medical programs, military clerkship and GME opportunities, and military residency match procedures. MMIG is also excited to raise awareness of the scholarship opportunities available to medical students, residents, and physicians. We hope to promote enthusiasm and respect for those who have volunteered to serve this nation. 

No information available. 

Neurosurgery Interest Group 

Please see more information in the fall semester. 

2021-2022 Officers: 

Riley Wilkinson 

Nutrition Group 

The nutrition club exists to engage students in food culture. Their main activities involve working with New Roots, a Louisville-based non-profit that carries out the mission of bringing together communities to secure access to fresh foods. The nutrition club also coordinates a rotating dinner club that involves going to healthy, local restaurants once a month. This is a great club if you're looking to get more involved in healthy eating, healthy living and local community organizations. 

2021-2022 Officers: 

Hannah Figg, Divija Sharma, Rashaad Goodloe, Patrick Merkel 

OB-GYN (Obstetrics and Gynecology) Interest Club 

The OB-GYN Interest Club serves to promote medical student awareness of the diverse career opportunities available in the OB-GYN field. We encourage student interest by organizing panel discussions on the careers and lifestyles of practicing physicians. The group also serves as an informational resource for students seeking shadowing experiences with OB-GYN physicians. In addition, we will organize community service events centered on the promotion of women's health and well-being both within the medical and local community, invite speakers to debate current women's health issues and promote an awareness of research opportunities within the OB-GYN field, and serve as a forum to give medical students the opportunity to become more involved with the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) at the state and national levels. ACOG and the OB-GYN Club are free and open for all medical students to join. 

2021-2022 Officers: 

Ali Wilt, Joslin Musick, Rachel Cruse 

Oncology Interest Group 

Please look for information in the fall semester. 

2021-2022 Officers: 

Mitchell Behle 

Ophthalmology Club 

The ophthalmology club is an organization meant to stimulate interest in ophthalmology. Club meetings will provide information about the field, residency, and admission requirements as well as many guest speakers including local ophthalmologists, residents, and residency directors. We will be meeting several times throughout the year with a variety of topics/venues. Membership is free and open to everyone. 

2021-2022 Officers: 

William Scott, Saisindhu Marella 

Orthopedic Surgery Interest Group (OSIG) 

OSIG is an organization meant to stimulate interest in orthopedic surgery, as well as to guide those interested in the path to orthopedics. We will be meeting several times throughout the year with a variety of topics/venues. Membership is free and open to everyone. 

2021-2022 Officers: 

Matthew Hill, Riley Wilkinson, Arun Nadar 

Otolaryngology (ENT) Interest Group (OIG) 

The OIG is an organization with the goal of educating medical students about the field of Otolaryngology and its diverse practice. We will meet several times throughout the year, and host various speakers from within the field to discuss topics pertinent to Otolaryngology. Membership is free and open. 

2021-2022 Officers: 

Saisindhu Marella 

Pathology Interest Group 

The Pathology Interest Group provides information about the field to students who may be interested in pursuing it as a future career as well as to those who would like to learn more about pathology in general. The idea is to have speakers from various facets of pathology come and present their experiences, advice, etc. 

2021-2022 Officers: 

Max Rogers 

Pediatrics Club 

The Pediatrics Club strives to provide a better understanding of the field of Pediatrics and its subspecialties. It also presents opportunities to serve children of the community. We hold meetings throughout the year during lunch. These meetings include panels of various pediatric sub-specialists and fourth-year students who have been chosen for a pediatrics residency, students with advice for summer opportunities, as well as community members involved in children’s activities and support. Our service projects include the year-long project of Walking Works (working with kids to develop healthy exercise habits), Halloween at the Zoo, and manning kids’ project tables at the Festival of Trees and Lights, to name a few. Whether you are interested in pediatrics or not, everyone is welcome to attend the meetings. Free lunch is provided. The Pediatrics Club is an excellent way to network with local physicians and find out more information on pediatric externships. Don’t hesitate to contact us at with any questions you have. 

2021-2022 Officers: 

Cassidy Schmidt (President), Kaitlyn Stevens (Vice President), Hannah Figg (Secretary), Amy Edgerton (Child Life Coordinator), Jessica Ryan (Snuggle Squad Coordinator), Leah Mitchell (Volunteer Coordinator) 

Phi Delta Epsilon (PhiDE) 

Phi Delta Epsilon is an international medical fraternity representing more than 35,000 members internationally. Founded in 1904, PhiDE is an organization with active chapters on undergraduate campuses, medical schools, and osteopathic schools. It has succeeded in building a network of committed healthcare professionals that offers medical students direct contacts for developing pre-clinical experience. The chapter at UofL SOM is one of the first formed in the country. Presenting multifaceted social and service involvement, Louisville’s chapter focuses on supporting the Kosair Children’s Hospital through the Children’s Miracle Network. Additionally, it hosts several lectures given by local physicians concerning recent medical topics, such as medical care in Iraq and personal accounts from an on-board Antarctic cruise ship physician. There is also an annual international convention that several members from the Louisville chapter travel to each year that offers leadership training, roundtable talks, and discussions on healthcare issues at Disneyland, California. Contact Email: 

2021-2022 Officers: 

Matthew Hill (President) 

Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Interest Group 

This purpose of this organization is to introduce medical students to the specialty of physical medicine and rehabilitation as well as foster a relationship between the University PM&R faculty and current medical students. There will be regular meetings where faculty members can address student questions and talk about what physical medicine and rehabilitation is. 

2021-2022 Officers: 

Matthew Hill, Alisha Deshmuhk 

Plastic Surgery Interest Group 

A group for students in pursuing a career in Plastic and Reconstructive surgery. This group will have a meeting led by the Chairman of the Department - Dr.Bradon Wilhemi. He is a well-known plastic surgeon with training at Harvard University. This group will have students who are currently in the process of applying or who have already matched into this competitive field. They will be able to provide mentoring and shadowing opportunities. 

2021-2022 Officers: 

Arun Nadar, Leslie Morris 

Pre-Med Undergraduate Mentoring Program 

The purpose of the Premed Undergrad Mentor Program is to provide pre-med undergraduates from surrounding institutions with a first-, second-, or third-year medical student mentor. Currently, there are nearly 100 undergrads participating in the program from the University of Louisville, Bellarmine University, Centre College, Georgetown College, and Hanover College. Students communicate via email, while others meet with their mentees to discuss such topics as what classes to take, MCAT preparation, interviewing tips, etc. First-year medical students will be invited to participate in the program following Black Monday. Membership is free. 

No officer information available 

Psychiatry Student Interest Group 

The Psychiatry Club encourages awareness of psychiatry as a medical discipline and provides assistance to those students interested in pursuing a career in mental health. 

2021-2022 Officers: 

Sarah Parks, Onyee Ibekwe, Maria Shields 

Radiology Student Interest Group 

The Radiology Student Interest Group provides information about the field to students who may be interested in pursuing it as a future career as well as to those who would like to learn more about radiology in general. 

2021-2022 Officers: 

Hannah Thompson, Lindsay Everett, Justin Eichinger 


RaiseRED is a student-run organization supporting the clinical and medical research efforts at UofL's pediatric hematology, oncology and stem cell transplant program. We focus year-round to support the children, families and doctors fighting pediatric cancer at UofL. The year of fundraising ends in an 18-hour Dance Marathon celebration. Over 750 students participated in Dance Marathon 2016, raising a total of $322,000. 

2021-2022 Officers: 

Madi Harley, Nick Yates, Lekha Devara 

Sports Medicine Interest Group 

Look for information in the fall. 

2021-2022 Officers: 

Alisha Deshmuhk, Riley Wilkinson 

SIGN (Student Interest Group in Neurology) The Student Interest Group in Neurology (SIGN) is devoted to exposing the field of neurology to medical students via networking with Louisville neurologists and hosting informative meetings on relevant topics throughout the year. Please watch for our next meeting and plan to attend. Our faculty advisor is Satish Rao, M.D., M.S., Assistant Professor of Neurology, co-chief Division of Epilepsy and Sleep Medicine and co-director of both the Comprehensive Epilepsy Center and University Sleep Center. We are also one of 129 SIGN chapters in the U.S. and Canada. SIGN is affiliated with the American Academy of Neurology. Membership is free and open to everyone. 

2021-2022 Officers: 

Caitlin Wessel, Jessica Fulkerson 

Students for a National Health Program (SNaHP) 

Student organization advocating for universal comprehensive single-payer national health care. 

No officer information available 

SNMA (Student National Medical Association) The Student National Medical Association (SNMA) is the nation's oldest and largest independent, student-run organization focused on the needs and concerns of medical students of color. Membership includes nearly 6,000 medical students, pre-medical students, residents and physicians. Established in 1964 by medical students from Howard University School of Medicine and Meharry Medical College, SNMA boasts over 40 years of service to underserved communities and medical students. SNMA is dedicated both to ensuring culturally sensitive medical education and services, as well as increasing the number of African-American, Latino and other students of color entering and completing medical school. National dues are $100, which covers members for all 4 years of medical school. 

2021-2022 Officers: 

Onyee Ibekwe (President), Noela Botaka (Vice President/Social Media Coordinator), Mojisola Lawson (Secretary), Fatai Olorunsola (Treasurer), Ariel Sanders (Volunteer Liaison), Ingrid Okonta and Lisa Anakwenze (MAPS/LSAMP Liaison) 

Surgery Club 

The Surgery Club is designed to benefit all students, especially those already interested in the field of surgery. One of the primary goals of the club is to spark and maintain the interest of surgery with 1st and 2nd year students while providing an excellent opportunity to meet area surgeons and learn about different surgical specialties. Events include lunchtime presentations by local surgeons and several formal dinners. This past year, our dinners were held at The Olmstead, where students were able to personally meet and network with U of L surgeons and residents, ask a wide variety of questions, and discuss the steps to becoming a competitive resident applicant. 

2021-2022 Officers: 

Zachary Tarter, Carter Prewitt 

University of Louisville Medical School Student Senate (ULMSSS) 

The student senate deals with issues that affect the school as a whole. They plan school- wide social events with funding from UofL Student Government Association (SGA), such as a fall and spring Cadaver Ball, several cookouts, tailgates, and an annual book sale. The senate has regular meetings with the parking office and takes care of facility concerns. There are five senators per class, a senate President, and a Clinical and Pre-clinical Vice-President. Senators are expected to help plan and work at school-wide events and increase communication between students as a whole and the senate. If you want to have an important voice concerning your life as a medical student, get involved in ULMSSS! 

2021-2022 Officers: 

President: Christian Flynn, Pre-Clinical Vice President: Leslie Morris, Operations Chair: Grant Fuerstenau, Social Chair: Madan Subheeswar, Wellness Chair: Julia Brown, Service Chair: Ross Basham 

Urology Student Interest Group 

UIG allows medical students to explore the field of urology by interacting with department faculty and current urology residents via several lunch meetings spread out over the academic year. 

2021-2022 Officers: 


Vascular Surgery Interest Group (VSIG) 

The Vascular Surgery Interest Group serves to promote interest in the field of Vascular Surgery and Vascular Medicine. We encourage student interest by organizing panel discussions on the careers and lifestyles of practicing physicians. The group also serves as an informational resource for students seeking shadowing experiences with Vascular Surgeons. Vascular surgery now is a Board certified Specialty that medical students can apply directly to as part of a integrated program. Vascular Surgery addresses the diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the vascular tree, including arteries, veins, and lymphatic vessels, exclusive of those within the cranial cavity and the heart. The subspecialty emphasizes minimally invasive treatment, including endovascular treatment for abdominal aortic aneurysm and for relief of obstruction of blood flow to organs and tissues by means of angioplasty and deployment of intravascular stents. Club meetings will provide information about the field, residency, and admission requirements as well as many guest speakers including local Vascular Surgeons, residents, and residency directors. We will be meeting several times throughout the year with a variety of topics/venues. Membership is free and open to everyone. 

2021-2022 Officers: 

Trey Kinison 

White Coats for Wishes 

We partner with our local Make a Wish chapter to support the wish of a specific child with a life altering disease and attend Make a Wish events in Louisville. 

2021-2022 Officers: 

Divija Sharma 

WMS (Wilderness Medical Society) 

The Wilderness Medicine Society is dedicated to advocating evidence-based medicine in the backcountry. The student interest group will explore this subject with a variety of speakers and topics, as well as organize several outdoor adventures throughout the year. These will include white water rafting, climbing, hiking, and skiing. WMS is a good opportunity if you are interested in wilderness medicine, or if you would like to enjoy some of our outdoor-oriented activities. 

2021-2022 Officers: 

Max Rogers, Kara Gowens