Recent Graduates

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2021 Graduates

Cristy Giles, M.D.: Pediatric Sleep Medicine Fellowship, University of Colorado

Caleb Huber, M.D.: Primary Care, Eskenazi Health, Indianapolis, Indiana

Briana Trischan, M.D.: Palliative Care Fellowship, University of Louisville

2020 Graduates

Hannah Freeland, M.D.: Hospitalist, Norton Hospital, Louisville, KY

Benjamin Hannah, M.D.: Palliative Care Fellowship, University of Louisville, KY

Hazar Hassuneh, M.D.: Chief Resident, Academic Med-Peds Hospitalist, University of Louisville, KY

Hugo Hua, M.D.: Hospitalist, Kaiser Permanente Fontana Medical Center, Fontana, CA

David Taylor, M.D.: Hospitalist, UC San Diego Health, San Diego, CA

Zheyi Teoh, M.B.B.S: Pediatric Infectious Diseases Fellowship, Cincinnati Children's Hospital, OH

2019 Graduates

Molly Brockman, M.D.: Med-Peds Primary Care, Shepherdsville, KY

Christian Matar, M.D.: Chief Resident,  Med-Peds Primary Care, Nolensville, TN

Douglas McConnell, M.D.: Academic Med-Peds Hospitalist, Tampa, FL

Michael Orangias, M.D.: Pediatric Pulmonology Fellowship, University of Louisville, KY

Mary Rush, M.D.: Hospitalist, Louisville, KY

2018 Graduates

Shanna Barton, MD: Pediatric Infectious Disease Fellowship, University of Louisville

Amy Higgins, MD: Med-Peds Primary Care, Lexington KY

Alison Mortenson, MD: Hospitalist, Louisville KY

Laith Sweis, MD: Med-Peds Primary Care, Georgetown KY

Keith Wickenhauser, MD: Med-Peds Primary Care, St. Louis MO

2017 Graduates

Doug Ansert, MD: Med-Peds Primary Care, Elizabethtown, KY

Mallory Baker, MD: Med-Peds Primary Care, Nolensville, TN

Caitlin Bowman, MD: Med-Peds Primary Care

Schot Hanan, MD: Med-Peds Primary Care, Louisville KY

Natalie Strecker, MD: Med-Peds Primary Care, Crestwood, KY

2016 Graduates

Julianna Brown, MD: Internal Medicine Chief Resident then Med-Peds Academic Hospitalist, University of Louisville, KY

Jeff Chou, MD: Hospitalist, Norton Suburban/Audubon, Lousiville, KY

Swetha Suresh, MD: Primary Care Med-Peds with a focus on patients with special needs, Cincinnati, OH

Sarah Thayer, MD: Chief Resident,  Primary Care Med-Peds, Baptist Health Lagrange, Lagrange, KY

Josh Yuen, MD: Primary Care Med-Peds, Shepherdsville, KY

2015 Graduates

Beau Bailey, MD: Chief Resident, Academic Med-Peds Hospitalist,Utah Valley Regional Medical Center Provo, UT

Laura Bishop, MD: Academic Med-Peds Hospitalist, Associate Med-Peds Program Director, University of Louisville, KY

Suma Chennubhotla, MD: Adult GI fellowship; Houston, TX

Brandon Watson, DO, MPH: Adult Hospitalist and Pediatric Outpatient, St Elizabeth Hospital Edgewood, KY and Cincinnati Children's Hospital

2014 Graduates

Amanda Chism, MD: Primary Care Med-Peds, Elizabethtown, KY

Steve Dinetz, MD: Chief Resident, Allergy/Immunology Fellowship, Augusta, GA

Bertina Lin, MD: Primary Care Med-Peds, Floyd Knobs, IN

Damon Maes, MD, MS: Primary Care Med-Peds, Ann Arbor,MI

Lena Sandifer, MD: Primary Care Med-Peds, Pawley's Island, SC

2013 Graduates

Johnson Britto, MD, MPH: Adult Infectious Disease Fellowship, University of Louisville

Jarett Gregory, DO, MS, MSPAS: Detroit Tigers Team Physican & Primary Care Med/Peds, Lakeland , FL

William Kern, MD: Med-Peds Hospitalist, Traverse City , MI

Tricia Lee, MD: Chief Resident, Allergy/Immunology Fellowsip, Mt Sinai Hospital, NY

Van Tran, MD: Primary Care Med-Peds, Paducah, KY

2012 Graduates

Laura Chady, MD: Chief Resident, Associate Program Director, Med/Peds Hospitalist, Louisville, KY

Crystal Johnson, MD: Primary Care Med-Peds, Family Health Center Louisville, KY

Chris Sepich, MD, MBA: Primary Care Med-Peds, Wilmington, NC

John Smith, MD: Primary Care Med-Peds, Shreveport, LA

Nathan Whitmore, MD: Primary Care Med-Peds, Louisville, KY

2011 Graduates

Tim Franxman, MD: Allergy/Immunology Fellowship, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

Douglas Fritz, MD: Primary Care Med-Peds, Boston, MA

Michelle Martin-Thompson, MD: Primary Care Med-Peds, Eureka, MN

Amy Gerwe, MD: Primary Care Med-Peds, Rural Illinois

Melissa Smith, DO: Pediatric Cardiology Fellowship, Medical College of Wisconsin

2010 Graduates

Jon Cramer, MD: Pediatric Cardiology Fellowship, Medical College of Wisconsin

Alekh Gupta, MD: Allergy/Immunology Fellowship

Katie Jett, MD: Primary Care Med-Peds, Henry Co., KY

Ilana Kayrouz, MD: Primary Care Med-Peds, Crestwood, KY

Madison Ryle, MD: Primary Care Med-Peds, Shepardsville, KY

2009 Graduates

Anton Clemmons, MD: Primary Care Med-Peds, Osprey, FL

Jeff Elrod, MD: Primary Care Med-Peds, Louisville, KY

Mechelle Lewis, MD: Primary Care Med-Peds, Missouri

2008 Graduates

Cindy Bowman-Stroud, MD: Primary Care Med-Peds, Paducah, KY

Demeka Campbell, MD: Adult Hospitalist Fellowship, Minneapolis, MN

Mac Goldstein, MD: Adult Hospitalist, Georgetown, SC

Robin Kindig, MD: Pediatric Gastroenterology Fellowship, St. Louis, MO

Dawn Lowe, MD: Primary Care Med-Peds, Sellersburg, IN

Shannon Perkins, MD: Primary Care Med-Peds, Williamsburg, KY

2007 Graduates

Josh Allen, MD: Primary Care Med-Peds, Louisville, KY

Anjana Jagalur, MD: Adult Hospitalist, Laurel, MS

Cindy Nichols, MD: Primary Care Med-Peds, Butte, MT

Jignesh Shah, MD: Combined Adult & Pediatric Gastroenterology Fellowship, University of Louisville