Photo of the Delia B. Baxter Biomedical Research Building

Local Partner at the University of Louisville

The University of Louisville Infectious Diseases Laboratory is a university-based, CLIA-certified, high-complexity reference laboratory located within the School of Medicine, Division of Infectious Diseases. Our lab offers diagnostic testing services to local and regional hospitals, clinics, private physician practices, long-term care facilities, and private businesses. Through these systems, we serve a population of approximately one million people in Louisville and southern Indiana and receive more than 500 samples per month.

The ID Laboratory is local to Louisville which allows us to pick up samples quickly and offer rapid turnaround for faster treatment decisions. Open communication and personal relationships allow us to provide excellent customer service and maintain an understanding of testing needs in our community.

Additionally, we assist with ongoing clinical research initiatives by providing epidemiological data, community tracking, managing the Infectious Diseases Biorepository. Our biobank stores more than 70,000 human specimens, including urine, blood, sputum, oral and nasopharyngeal swabs, and pathogenic isolates. All samples are linked to complete clinical data. Our experts can provide consultation and quick turnaround for the routine shipping of biological specimens to national and international health system leaders for research projects.

Laboratory Address and Directions

Effective October 1, 2020, the University of Louisville Infectious Diseases Laboratory has moved to a new location on the Health Sciences Campus. Our phone numbers and fax number have not changed.

Our new address is:

University of Louisville Infectious Diseases Laboratory
Division of Infectious Diseases
Department of Medicine
Delia B. Baxter Biomedical Research Building (II)
580 South Preston Street, South Pod Room 102
Louisville, Kentucky 40202

(502) 852-1152 Voice
(502) 852-1512 Facsimile

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