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The UofL Vaccine & International Travel Clinic specializes in adult and adolescent infectious diseases and vaccines, infection prevention and control, and public and global health. Our doctors are board-certified in internal medicine and infectious diseases, and we have expertise in the most current and effective prevention and treatments available. For more information or to make an appointment, call 502-852-6464.

International Health and Travel Medicine

Health issues can occur anywhere in the world, at any time. At the UofL Vaccine & International Travel Clinic, we are experts in travel medicine and travel health. We offer a full spectrum of vaccine and travel services. 

If you are planning a trip abroad to relax or to seize an opportunity in the global marketplace, we offer services and advice to help protect you against a host of illnesses common in countries around the world that may impact your health and safety. 

Our providers offer support and counsel before, during and after your travel. 

Routine Immunizations/Community Health

In addition to travel medicine, we also offer routine immunizations. Our mission is to understand the needs of the community partner with providers and patients to effectively address those needs.

We can assist with workplace and school immunization initiatives in a variety of settings and locations.

The UofL Vaccine & International Travel Clinic provides travel vaccines and travel-related services (before, during and after), as well as routine adult and adolescent immunizations and vaccines targeting emerging or community outbreaks. We also can assist with workplace immunization initiatives

Our Team