Patient Care

Improve treatment for the Louisville community. Our commitment to patient care is highlighted in the array of services we offer. Our programs focus on international health, HIV prevention and support, and general infectious diseases.

550 Clinic

The 550 Clinic assists in the diagnosis and management of patients at the University of Louisville and Veterans Administration hospitals, as well as outpatient clinics at the University of Louisville. Physicians, nurse practitioners, and physical assistants also assist with management of HIV infected individuals in the prison and jail system through the Kentucky TeleHealth Network.

Travel Clinic

Health issues can occur anywhere in the world, at any time. The University of Louisville Vaccine & International Travel Clinic specializes in adult and adolescent infectious diseases and vaccines, infection prevention and control, and public and global health.

Civil Surgeon

Our Civil Surgeon Program helps refugees, immigrants, and their families take the first steps in applying for their green card. We provide completion of I-693 and other government forms, a physical examination, vaccines, and testing for tuberculosis and other conditions. Our program offers competitive pricing and provides all services on-site in our clinic.

UofL Hospital

The University of Louisville Hospital Epidemiology Program aims to identify the determinants of health, disease, disability, and death to promote health, control disease, and encourage prevention. Experts mitigate infectious disease outbreaks, design health and surveillance programs, and create primary and secondary preventative interventions. Most importantly, the team generates new knowledge about the causes of health and disease and guide policy, promotion, and medical treatment.

VA Medical Center

Since 1952, Robley Rex VAMC has been improving the health of the men and women who have so proudly served our nation. We consider it our privilege to serve your health care needs in any way we can. Services are available to more than 150,000 veterans living in a 35-county area of the Kentuckiana area.

Reference Laboratory

The Infectious Diseases Laboratory is a University-based, CLIA-certified, high-complexity reference laboratory offering testing services related to the diagnosis of infectious diseases. The laboratory is located within the University of Louisville School of Medicine, Division of Infectious Diseases. The laboratory provides testing services to local and regional hospitals, clinics and private physician practices. Specimen pick-up services are available for several of these sites.