Frequently Asked Questions


Is this an academic record enhancing program for students who want to retake their pre-medical courses to improve their previous pre-med course work?

No, this program is not designed for that. The focus of this program is for career changes who desire to become physicians, but lack the pre-med course work to apply to medical school.  We are seeking students in the early stages of their pre-med journey who are taking these courses for the first time. Although we do allow our students to retake some courses as a refresher, the intention is to refresh not to redeem poor grades. There are several record enhancing post-bac programs designed specifically for that.

If I've already applied to medical school and wasn't accepted, could I be considered for this program?

No, but there are other post-bac programs designed specifically for students who need to improve their science gpa or MCAT score. To research other post-bac programs in the United States, go to

I have been out of college for several years, is it too late for me to go to medical school? Am I too old?  How does the U of L School of Medicine view non-traditional students?

The 2020 entering class at the U of L School of Medicine had 12% non-traditional students ranging in age from (27-46). Medical schools are seeking the same thing out of their applicants regardless of their age; strong academic record, good MCAT score, shadowing experience, well rounded, sincere desire to help others, a genuine interest in medicine, etc.

However, non-traditional students tend to bring more work and life experience, skills and maturity along with them which is a plus!  Helping non-traditional students get into medical school is our mission, along with numerous other career changer programs. The University of Louisville School of Medicine is receptive to non-traditional students.  Please note:One of our alumni graduated from the University of Louisville School of Medicine in 2018 at the age of 49 years old and matched residency at Harvard Medical School in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation.  We've had two other alum in their forties graduate from medical school and match their residency in psychiatry and in med-peds.

What if I don't meet one of the requirements (e.g., cumulative GPA or standardized test score), should I still apply?

We leave that decision up to you.  We review all completed applicant files received.  However, the further you are from our requirements, the less competitive you may be to the applicant pool It's best to meet or surpass the requirements to be competitive with the applicant pool.  We are not only seeking students for the program, but also assured admission candidates for our medical school.

Good grades and a good standardized test score help to get your foot in the door, but your volunteerism and exposure to the clinical setting help to determine how far that door will open and whether or not you'll sit for an interview.  If granted an interview, that's your time to shine to help us make a final decision.

What if I have a degree in chemistry, physics or biology, but didn't take over 12 hours of required pre-med level course work? What if my pre-med course work is over a decade old?

Our program is designed for career changers early in their pre-med journey who haven't taken over 12 hours of pre-med level course work as an undergraduate (not including math or English in those hours) and still need to take course work, preferably for the first time, to prepare for medical school.  Those applicants receive preference.

It's our understanding that most science majors, require course work from the other science disciplines.  If you're able to show that you didn't surpass the minimum 12 hours of pre-med level course work in biology, chemistry or physics or the course work was taken ten or more years ago we can consider you if additional spots are available.  Keep in mind, there are numerous record enhancing post-bac programs and other career changers programs with different criteria for admissions that you may consider.

Is this program specifically for students who want to pursue primary care or can you choose to specialize?

The primary goal of this program is to produce more physicians to meet the health care needs of Kentucky and nationally whether as a primary care physician or a specialist.  We expose our students to both primary care and numerous specialties.  We raise awareness of the need for more primary care physicians and more physicians serving in medically under served areas whether rural or urban.


PLEASE NOTE:  Our applicants must now go through PostBacCas , a centralized application service.

Can I be accepted to the Post-Bac Pre-medical Program without being a U of L student?

Our application process is two-fold; you apply to our program through PostbacCas and if accepted you must apply for general admission to the University of Louisville.  If accepted to our program, it will not become official until you are admitted at U of L.

What is required for me to apply to U of L for general admission?

  • You must complete an undergraduate application either on-line or a hard copy.
  • You will apply as a non-degree post-bac in the College of Arts & Sciences.
  • You must provide an official copy of your final transcript from your degree granting institution.

There is an application fee for students who are not U of L alumni.

Does my admission to U of L as a non degree post-bac guarantee me admission to the program?

Our application process is two fold.  You can apply to our program before being admitted to U of L. However, being admitted to U of L first doesn't guarantee that you'll be admitted to our program.

If I'm accepted into U of L, do I have to wait until I'm accepted into the program to register for classes?

Once you are admitted and matriculated to U of L as a post-bac non-degree student, you may register for classes. You do not have to wait to be selected into our program. Registration is available to all U of L students. Go to for a listing of classes offered.  However, students who are accepted to our program are required to have an initial consultation first before registering for their classes.

If I'm not accepted into the program, can I reapply for the following semester?

Re-applicants are considered.  Please visit Denied Applicants for information about why some applicants aren't selected.  If you choose to reapply, make sure that you are presenting some updates or additional information (e.g., improved grades, successful science course work, more shadowing, more volunteering, etc.).


Is there a certain number of hours I need to take per semester?

Our students are required to take a minimum of six credit hours per semester (fall and spring). Summer courses may also be taken, but are optional.

Can I work and attend this program?

Yes. Your course load whether part-time or full-time is based on your availability and finances. Your program plan is tailored around your needs.

What if I change my mind about going to medical school and want to pursue dentistry or another health field offered at U of L?

Our program is designed to prepare students for medical school admission.  If a student later decides to change career paths, our office will direct them to the necessary resources to make that transition.  The student would need to withdraw from our program.

How long does this program take to complete?

This is a two year program. However, some students who may already have some pre-med courses completed (12 hours or less) may end up finishing the program in a 1.5 year versus the full two years, especially if they're full-time and take summer courses.

What's the advantage of being in this program versus being a regular post-bac?

Our program serves as your navigation system and support network. We are a one stop shop for the duration of your preparation. You receive personalized attention and don't have to compete with pre-medical undergraduate students for services. You will receive a committee letter of recommendation for medical school and assured admission consideration to the University of Louisville School of Medicine.  The program is of no additional cost to your college education. Consider it a bonus to your pre-med journey!

 What can I do if my grade point average drops or I run into academic problems?

You will meet with the Program Director to discuss your situation and find out the causes of your difficulty. Retention efforts will be made in the form of tutoring, study partners, attending supplemental instruction sessions and utilizing the services from the REACH (Resources for Academic Achievement) Department.  However, if your academic performance continues to decline, you are at risk of being dismissed from the program.

What if I need to sit out for a semester?

Pending your circumstances, you may request a leave of absence for a specified period of time (e.g. one semester). You must explain the reason behind your request (e.g., family emergency, sickness/hospital stay, etc.) The Program Advisory Committee will determine whether or not your leave of absence will be approved. If approved, your spot will be reserved for a specified amount of time determined by the Program Advisory Committee. 

Can a student be dismissed from the program?

Yes. If a student is consistently having academic difficulty resulting in their cumulative GPA remaining below a 3.3; the student has under achieved in spite of retention efforts or has deflated their GPA to the point of not being able to meet the 3.5 GPA requirement within the two year time frame, they may be dismissed from the program.  Inconsistent participation or inactivity in the program can also put the student in jeopardy of being dismissed.

Can I withdraw from the program at anytime without explanation?

Yes, you can withdraw from the program at anytime. However, to leave in good standing, we would prefer an explanation in writing and if possible, a meeting with the Program Director or the Program Advisory Committee.


Most post-bac students aren't eligible for financial aid, does this program provide scholarships or financial aid?

Students in our program may be eligible for a Federal Stafford Student Loan as a fifth year senior. If eligible, the loan will last for one academic year; fall, spring and summer. Our financial aid office has a list of outside lenders or alternative loans you may want to consider at


Does my admission into the program guarantee me an interview or admission into medical school?

Yes, our students may be awarded assured admission to the University of Louisville School of Medicine if they meet the criteria for assured admission and successfully complete the program requirements. Their medical school interview is conducted when invited to interview for the program.

What if I complete the program, but don't get admitted into medical school?

Our office will continue to work with you to help you assess your areas in need of improvement and will provide you with professional advice on what your next step should be.

How many attempts do I have to get into medical school?

Not everyone is admitted on their first attempt for various reasons. However, if you are not admitted after the second attempt, you will be encouraged to pursue Plan B.