Brandeis Law faculty, students introduce Justice Ginsburg documentary

Brandeis School of Law students, faculty members and staffers are among the people chosen to introduce a documentary about Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg that is being screened at the Speed Art Museum. 

"The Notorious RBG" explores Justice Ginsburg's professional and personal life and highlights the ways she has been a pioneer in advocating for women's rights.

"She's a feminist icon and has been for quite some time," says Professor JoAnne Sweeny, who introduced a June 1 showing. Sweeny notes that Justice Ginsburg, who was appointed to the court in 1993, has recently captured a larger cultural attention and attributes that to her writing skills and pointed questioning dural oral arguments. 

"He speaking style and writing style is so pointed and sharp, it makes for good sound bites," Sweeny says, add that the justice's progressive political stance also is attractive to many young people.

"The Notorious RGB" is playing at the Speed until June 17, 2018. Tickets and scheduling are available at the Speed's website.