Global Village Themed Community

international students in front of wall with world map. Student studying abroad in Ireland on right.


In partnership with the International Center, the Global Village Themed Community (TC) focuses on a residential experience that provides cross-cultural experiences, life-long friendships, and an opportunity to magnify global understanding. The purpose is to generate a more globally oriented and internationally connected campus community by adjoining intercultural dialogues and global context within the living and learning experience.

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Location: Bettie Johnson

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  • Opportunities to learn about global perspectives, cultures, and traditions through Global Village events and make life-long friends.
  • Opportunities to expand worldviews while also developing intercultural skills within a multicultural community.
  • Engaging in global conversations and their role as society becomes more globally connected.
  • Increased opportunities to support student-led international initiatives and continue to be a global citizen.
  • To help make new global connections.


Each semester, the Global Village will have several events designed specifically for the Global Community. Resident involvement in the Global Village will determine the course of programs and events within the Themed Community. Students will have the opportunity to make new global connections through various events such as Meet & Greets, International Education Week, Sport Activities, and more.

Who can apply?

  • Undergraduate students interested in living with students from the US and from around the world who are ready to engage in global programming and living community. Active participation in some events throughout the semester is required. International, exchange, dual-degree, study abroad, language learners and any student interested in the greater global good are encouraged to consider living in the Global Village.

Meet Your Advisor

Global Village TC Advisor Paul Hoffman

  1. Advisor Name: Paul Hofmann
  2. Advisor Pronouns: He/Him/His
  3. Advisor Contact Information (Email Prefered):
  4. Advisor Brief Biography: Dr. Hofmann is the Associate Vice Provost for International Affairs. He has worked in the field of International Education for more than 30 years. Dr. Hofmann resides in Bettie Johnson Hall and is available by appointment.
  5. Advise for the LLC/TC Students: Explore the World!