Belknap Village North

Belknap Village North

The first of two new state-of-the-art residence halls, Belknap Village North opened for first-year students in Fall 2021. Belknap Village North is located on the site of the old parking lot next to the Red Barn. Its construction marked a large milestone in our ongoing campus development. 

Hall Director: Dailyn "Oodie" Tichenor

map of two new halls. one hall on left of SAC ramp and the second hall on the right of the SAC ramp

Located in the Heart of Campus

As visitors enter campus and approach North Information Center, they will be greeted from a short distance by Belknap Village North. Alumnae, as well, will catch a glimpse of this modern campus addition on their commute to the University Club. Like all residents of our traditional halls, Belknap Village North residents find themselves immersed in the heart of campus. Located directly adjacent to the Student Activities Center (SAC) and popular social venue the Red Barn, Belknap Village North places first-year students within a two-minute walking distance of restaurants, cafes such as Starbucks, a campus movie theater, the university bookstore, and several classes as well as offices. 

Designed by Students for Students

double room. Two beds on left and right with ceiling fan at top. There is a large window behind both beds.

Designed largely by students for students, our Student Government Association and Residence Hall Association were instrumental in the design and style of Belknap Village North. The new hall is adjoined by our university's new Cultural and Equity Center, which is accessible to all students via the exterior of the building.

Divided by wing, each floor of this 452-bed residence hall features the following:

Other hall amenities include the following:

  • classroom and private study rooms on the ground floor
  • a game room with kitchen on the ground floor
  • elevators with elevator lounges on each floor
  • Residential supportsecurity, and limited key access