Housing Accommodations

The University of Louisville will accept and consider requests for reasonable accommodation in University housing at any time. The individual making the request for accommodation should make the request and provide appropriate supporting documentation to the Disability Resource Center before moving into University Housing, generally at the time of application for housing. However, if the request for accommodation is made after the priority deadline, the University cannot guarantee that it will be able to meet the individual’s accommodation needs during the first semester of occupancy.

The priority deadlines are:

  • Fall semester - June 1
  • Spring semester - November 1
  • Summer terms - April 1

In order to determine appropriate accommodations for students with disabilities residing within University Housing, it is often necessary for the Disability Resource Center to obtain information about the nature of a student’s disability, its impact, and the student’s disability-related needs within the residential environment from the student’s doctor, mental health provider, or other medical professional.  The Housing Accommodation Documentation (PDF) form may be shared with the student's provider if desired to offer guidance on the information necessary to document the need for an accommodation in University Housing.

To request accommodation in University Housing, students should submit the Housing Accommodation Request Form to share their needs with the Disability Resource Center, and may attach supporting documentation to that form.

Housing Accommodation Process Overview:

  1. Apply for University Housing.
  2. Submit the Housing Accommodation Request Form with any supporting documentation.
  3. The DRC will review the request and documentation and enter an interactive process with the student. DRC staff may correspond, request additional information, ask more specific questions of the student, or request to meet with the student to discuss their needs.
  4. The DRC will inform the student and University Housing of any approved housing accommodations.
  5. The student will participate in the room selection process and attempt to self-select a space that meets their preferences and any approved accommodations (See Timeline for Room Selection and Retention for relevant dates.)
  6. If the student is unable to self-select a space that meets their approved accommodations during the room selection process, they should contact University Housing at for support with identifying a housing assignment that meets their approved accommodations.

The approved housing accommodation will remain on file for the student’s time in University Housing. Students do not need to request Housing Accommodations each year unless there is a new disability-related barrier and related request. Students should continue to follow the University Housing Timeline for Room Selection and Retention as returning students and reach out to University Housing if they are unable to self-select a space that meets their approved accommodations.

If you have questions or need assistance, please contact us.

Students with disabilities who may need assistance with exiting University Housing in the event of an emergency can find information relevant to their residence hall on the University Housing Areas of Refuge page.

Note: This procedure excludes Service and Emotional Support Animal accommodations.  For additional information about those accommodations, please see the University’s Service and Emotional Support Animal Policy.  For additional information about housing accommodations, please see the Housing Accommodation Policy.

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