MA in sociology

MA in Sociology imageThe University of Louisville offers a master of arts degree in sociology which is designed to provide a strong statistical and methodological foundation for students who wish to move directly into the workforce upon completion of their master's degree, as well as for those who plan to pursue a doctoral degree in sociology.  The master's degree requires a total of 34 credit hours, 28 hours of core/elective courses and six thesis hours, and students can typically complete the program within two years.  (For tuition costs, visit the Bursar's webpage.)  NOTE that the MA in sociology is not available as an online program; all required courses must be taken on campus.

Visit the following sites for information on degree requirements and application and admission requirements, and graduate assistantships*

Students interested in pursuing both their MA and PhD in sociology at UofL can apply jointly to these programs; if admitted, they enter the MA program and, upon completion of their MA degree, move directly into the PhD program.  (Students admitted to the joint program who complete their MA degree but, ultimately, choose not to pursue their PhD are still awarded the MA in sociology.)  Students interested in applying jointly should select the ASOC (PhD in applied sociology) option on their application form and complete the application requirements for the PhD program found here.

*For students interested in graduate assistantships or other university funding, funding is only available to master's-level students who apply and are admitted to the joint MA-PhD program in sociology or students admitted to the PhD-only program.  If you have any questions about this or any other graduate program matter, contact .