Graduate Teaching Assistants and Fellows

Solomon Amoatey

Solomon is a second-year PhD student and will serve as a research assistant in the fall semester for Dr. Melanie Gast.  Solomon holds a bachelor of arts degree in sociology from the University of Ghana and a master of arts degree in sociology from the University of Toledo, Ohio. His research explores the experiences of people with disabilities in the Global South. Solomon is deeply committed to defending the rights, freedoms and opportunities experienced by people with disabilities and by people in the Global South more broadly. He is also interested in health, social policy and social inequalities. His master’s thesis research involved the qualitative data collection and analysis of interviews with persons with disability in Ghana. 

Sasha Belinova

Sasha is a first-year MA-PhD student and will serve as a teaching assistant in the fall semester for Dr. Roberto Morales's SOC 201 Introduction to Sociology course.  She recently graduated with her B.A. in Sociology from Bellarmine University. During her time as an undergraduate student, she participated in local organizations such as the Coalition for the Homeless. These experiences would inform her current research focus in poverty and homelessness.

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Joseph Brewer

Joey is a first-year PhD student and will be teaching SOC 201 Introduction to Sociology in the fall and spring.  He earned his BA and MA in sociology from UofL and is interested in the sociology of leisure as it pertains to card games, board games, tabletop RPGS, and the Local Game Store environment, and is currently studying e-sports.

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John Broadus

John Broadus is a second-year PhD student and will serving as a research assistant for Dr. Dave Roelfs in Fall, 2022. John graduated from Ashford University with a B.A in sociology and an M.S in justice studies with a concentration is public service leadership and social justice from Campbellsville University.  John’s research interests are black masculinity, intersectionality, race and ethnicity, blackness studies( Black existentialism), qualitative studies and research focused on social determinants of health of African-American males in urban settings. John particularly enjoys the work of Alford Young Jr, W.E.B Dubois, Joe Feagin, Stuart Hall, Frantz Fanon, Lewis Gordon & Belle Hooks. John enjoys spending time with his wife and two sons. John also enjoys reading any text focused on race, racism, or existentialism.

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Jon Ellis

Jon is a first-year MA-PhD. student who will serve as a teaching assistant for Dr. Roberto Morales's Soc 201 in the fall. Jon graduated from the University of North Florida with a B.A. in Sociology, a Minor in Psychology, and a concentration in Social Welfare Policy. His research during undergrad comprised of biracial identity and social program evaluation. However, his research interests entering graduate school include youth homelessness, origins of stratification, Deviance and social control, and social policy.

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Freddie Hatton

Freddie is a second-year MA-PhD student whose research interests include gender, sexuality, and popular culture.  They are currently looking into how social media has created a space for people to express non-binary gender identities.  Their hobbies include watching anime, reading fantasy novels, and listening to the British rock band Queen.  They live with their best friend and closest companion: a two year old Cockapoo named Oscar.

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Samuel Hunter

Sam is a fourth-year PhD student.  He holds a master of arts in social sciences from the University of Troy University, with a focus on sociology and psychology. He also holds a bachelor of science in political science from Troy University. Samuel was previously an adjunct instructor for Troy University for two years. In his spare time he likes to do woodwork projects, play card/board games, cook, and explore the streets of the city or go hiking in the woods.

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Autumn Martin

Autumn is a first-year PhD student and will serve as a teaching assistant in the fall semester for Dr. Roberto Morales's SOC 201 Introduction to Sociology course. She received her M.A. in Sociology and B.S. in Psychology from Middle Tennessee State University. Her thesis looked at the effects that COVID-19 had on working mothers in the nursing profession. She has interests in sexuality, gender, medical sociology, and sports.  When she has free time she enjoys training in martial arts.

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Haley Metcalf-Wade

Haley is a fourth-year PhD student and will serve as a research assistant for Dr. Lauren Heberle in the fall, working with the Center for Environmental Policy and Management. Haley graduated in 2019 with her master’s degree in applied sociology from East Tennessee State University and graduated in 2017 with a bachelor’s degree in social epidemiology from the University of Tennessee. Haley’s research is focused on environmental and health justice.  In her spare time, she likes to spend time with her cats, Bo and Dash, and her dog, Tina.

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Rachel Toll

Rachel is a first-year MA-PhD student with interests in intersectionality and social inequality. She graduated magna cum laude with honors from Bellarmine University where she majored in Sociology with minors in Anthropology and Psychology. Rachel's undergraduate thesis looked at the factors that influence the racial disproportion in Division I men's college basketball. Outside of academia, Rachel enjoys reading, volunteering at her church, and spending time with Nova, her 2 year old rescue dog.

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