Graduate Teaching Assistants and Fellows

Cat Alexander

Cat is a second-year MA-PhD student and will be teaching SOC 202: Social Problems in the fall of 2021 and spring of 2022. Cat graduated from Morehead State University with a B.A. in Sociology and a concentration in gender studies. They previously have researched topics related to the differences in experiences of toxic masculinity between cis- and trans-men. Their research interests currently include gender non-conformity and genderism as an institution that reifies the gender binary. When not working on schoolwork, Cat enjoys reading YA novels and volunteering at local libraries as well as partaking in messy but creative house projects. They also love to spend time with their two cats, Bumble Madonna and Meredith “The Void” Russo."

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Joseph Brewer

Joey is a second-year joint MA-PhD student and will serve as a teaching assistant this fall for Dr. Austin's SOC 201 Introduction to Sociology course.  He earned his BA in sociology from UofL and is interested in the sociology of leisure as it pertains to card games, board games, tabletop RPGS, and the Local Game Store environment, and is currently studying e-sports.

Trisha Douin

Trisha is a first-year PhD student and will serve as a research assistant for Drs. Patricia Gagné and Melanie Gast during the fall semester. Trisha holds a Master of Science in Educational Psychology from the University of Louisville, a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from the University of Kentucky, and an Associate of Arts from Somerset Community College. Before joining the sociology department, Trisha worked for Berea College as a Counselor in Career Development. Trisha’s research interests include the sociology of education, race, class, gender, and sexual inequalities in higher education and work. In her free time, Trisha enjoys spending time with her partner and their cat, Wayne.

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Rebecca Halpryn

Rebecca is a first-year PhD student and will serve as a graduate assistant for Dr. Lauren Heberle, working with the Center for Environmental Policy and Management. She holds a bachelor of the arts in sociology and environmental sustainability from Berea College. Her research interests include quantitative methods, demography, and sustainability. Her quantitative research experience includes 2 years of working as a research assistant at Berea College’s Office of Institutional Research and Assessment. She is the 2019 – 2020 Vice President of both the Sociology Graduate Student Association (SGSA) and the Graduate Network of Arts and Sciences (GNAS).

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Samuel Hunter

Sam is a second-year joint PhD student and will serve as a teaching assistant this fall for Dr. Mark Austin's SOC 201 Introduction to Sociology course.  He holds a master of arts in social sciences from the University of Troy University, with a focus on sociology and psychology. He also holds a bachelor of science in political science from Troy University. Samuel was previously an adjunct instructor for Troy University for two years. In his spare time he likes to do woodwork projects, play card/board games, cook, and explore the streets of the city or go hiking in the woods.

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James Joyce

James is a first-year MA-PhD student and will serves as a teaching assistant for Dr. Mark Austin's  Introduction to Sociology course (SOC-201). James has a Bachelor of Sciences’ degree in sociology from the University of Louisville and, as a graduate student, is interested in studying intersectional political-environmental sociology of health as well as social sustainability of climate, social movements, communities, homes and neighborhoods. Surveying, content analysis and participant observation are their primary methods of generating texts. James is particularly interested in the anti-fascist or ‘antifa’ label, anti-racism, mask-wearing during COVID-19, socialization, air pollution, anarchy and power.  In spare time, James works to improve the sustainability of the local community, participates in music and movement subcultures, and reads fiction.

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Anna Kelecy

Anna is a first-year MA-PhD student and will serve as a teaching assistant for Dr. Cynthia Ganote during the fall semester.  Anna has a Bachelor of Arts degree in psychology from UofL. Her academic interests include sociology of mental health, quantitative methods, and theory.

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Haley Metcalf

Haley is a second-year PhD student and University Fellow for the 19-20 academic year.  Haley graduated in 2019 with her master’s degree in applied sociology from East Tennessee State University, and graduated in 2017 with a bachelor’s degree in social epidemiology from the University of Tennessee. Haley’s research interests include medical sociology, environmental hazards and health, and rural health.  In her spare time, she likes to spend time with her cat, Neville.

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Ryan Price

Ryan is a first-year MA-PhD student and will serve as a teaching assistant for Dr. Oliver Rollins' SOC 210 Race in the U.S. and SOC 464 Race & Ethnicity courses during the fall semester.  Ryan graduated from the University of Louisville in 2019 with his Bachelor of Arts in Sociology. His research interests include gender, sexuality, and public health. Outside of school, he enjoys cooking, playing tennis, and spending time with his dogs.

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Taylor Tolles

Taylor is a second-year joint MA-PhD student and will be teaching SOC 202 Social Problems this fall.  He recently earned his bachelor's degree from Bowling Green State University, and his research interests include exploring military deviance, understanding how social identity relates to recidivism, investigating prescription drug misuse among members of the military, members, police and firefighters, and how A.I. relates to social control and deviance.

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