Adjunct Faculty

Adjunct Faculty

Angela Orend, MA

Ms. Orend graduated from the Department of Sociology at the University of Louisville with her MA in 2004.  Her research focuses on issues of commodificaton with respect to the body and popular culture.  Specifically, her research explores the sociological factors underlying the increasing popularity of corporate logo tattoos as a form of postmodern consumption.  She has recently published this research with the Journal of Contemporary Ethnography.  Additionally, she has worked with Dr. Mark Austin and Dr. Patricia Gagne' examining the commodification of the biker in American culture.  Ms. Orend teaches a variety of courses, including Introduction to Sociology, Social Problems, Research Methods, Social Theory, Diversity and Inequality, Urban Sociology, and Sociology of Families.

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Nancy Steinmetz, ABD

Ms. Steinmetz  is a doctoral student working on her dissertation.  After a lengthy career in B2B sales Nancy returned to the University of Louisville in 2009 to complete her undergraduate degree and continued her education to earned her master’s in sociology in 2012.  Since 2012, Nancy has served as an adjunct instructor for the University of Louisville, Indiana University Southeast, Spalding University and Georgetown University.  The courses she taught included Intro to Sociology, Social Problems, Social Theory, Diversity and Inequality, Self and Society, and Globalization.  The focus of her interest will center around crime, race and socialization.  Her specific interest in crime and race comes from an encounter with a student in a Diversity and Inequality class, where he stated that he tries to avoid being on campus after dark.  His reasoning was not because he was afraid of being a victim of crime or that he would be considered as a suspect, but because he felt his very presence on campus after dark might cause alarm or fear in other students.  Her interest is in exploring how society is shaping perceptions of the young and young people of color and how those perceptions inform their experiences.  Ms. Steinmetz teaches a variety of courses, including Sociaal Problems, Diversity and Inequality, Sociology of Deviant Behavior, and Criminology.

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Jonetta Weber, PhD

Dr. Weber is the Director of Academic Services in the Department of Sociology and an adjunct faculty member in both Sociology and in Sport Administration.  She completed her BA in humanities (classical culture), MA in linguistics, MEd in sport administration, and PhD in education administration (sport administration) at the University of Louisville. Her main areas of interest include sport (history of sport, sport and academics), animals and society, and the sociology of holidays.  She has taught courses in sociology (Sociology of Sport, Sociology of Aging, Sociology of Death and Dying, Animals and Society, and Sociology of Food) and in sport administration (Sociology of Sport, Athletics in Higher Education, and Women and Sport).  She has published two articles in the area of gender and sport, one examining the lack of women represented on the covers of Sports Illustrated magazines, and another examining the lack of females featured in popular fishing magazines.  Along with Dr. Jennifer Sinski, she and Dr. Carini recently had published an article in Anthrozoös which discusses "black dog syndrome" and have submitted another article examining "black cat syndrome."   Currently, she and Dr. Carini are working on a follow-up article on their Sports Illustrated paper and another paper examining holidays in the U.S.

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Jamar Wheeler, PhD

Dr. Wheeler graduated with his Ph.D. in Applied Sociology in May 2020. He now spends most of his time helping clients as an independent research consultant for his company Kiaspo. Dr. Wheeler's dissertation on Black middle-class neighborhoods reflects his interest and expertise on the intersections of race, class, and urban spaces. Dr. Wheeler is a champion for mixed-methods approaches to research, is pleased to be back in the classroom interacting with students, in-person and online, and is currently teaching Social Problems but has also taught Diversity and Inequality.

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