Department of Sociology

Recent Faculty Research

Derrick Brooms, Jelisa Clark, and Matt Smith:  "Being and Becoming Men of Character: Exploring Latino and Black Males’ Brotherhood and Masculinity Through Leadership in College" (Journal of Hispanic Higher Education)

Melanie J. Gast:  “’You’re Supposed to Help Me’: The Perils of Mass Counseling Norms for Working-Class Black Students."  (Urban Education)

Melanie J.Gast & Dina G. Okamoto: “Moral or civic ties? Deservingness and engagement among undocumented Latinas in non-profit organisations.” (Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies)  

Deborah A.Potter:  “Situated Motives of Lay Participants in Community Collaboratives for Children’s Mental Health.” (Qualitative Health Research)

Rajack-Talley, Theresa A., Siobhan E. Smith, Latrica E. Best, Margaret U. D’Silva, Lindsay J. Della, and Deborah A. Potter:  “Epistemological Inclusiveness in Researching the African-American Community.” (International Journal of Social Science Methodology)

Jennifer B. Sinski, Robert M. Carini and Jonetta D. Weber:  "Putting (Big) Black Dog Syndrome to the Test: Evidence from a Large Metropolitan Shelter."  (Anthrozoös)

Leonard, Melinda A.; Damjanovic, Branka; Simic, Goran; & Gul  Aldikacti Marshall:"Peace Building in Bosnia and Herzegovina: Effects of Ingroup Identification, Outgroup Trust and Intergroup Forgiveness on Intergroup Contact," (Peace and Conflict Studies)

Robin S. Hognas and Heidi Williams:  Forthcoming. “Maternal Kinship Involvement and Father Identity among Fragile Families” (Journal of Family and Economic Issues)

Robin S. Hognas and Jason R. Thomas:  “Birds of a Feather Have Babies Together?: Family Structure Homogamy and Union Stability among Cohabiting Parents.” (Journal of Family Issues)

Robert Carini:  "Turkey Is The New Superfood, Friendsgiving Alters Tradition And Other Millennial Holiday Lessons." (Forbes, 2016)

Department Spotlight

Former MA student, Nancy Steinmetz

Nancy Steinmetz earned her MA in sociology in 2012 and is currently a part-time lecturer in the Department of Sociology at UofL.  Nancy tell us, "As a “non-traditional” student, I returned to U of L to complete my undergraduate degree after 30 years (U of L and I were on a break), and it was one of the best decisions I have ever made. I completed my undergraduate degree [in sociology] in 2009 then went into the graduate program for my master’s...My master’s thesis focus was crime and victimization and an abbreviated version of my research was published in The Journal of Criminal Justice shortly after I [graduated]...Sociology in general helped me see society/societies in a more organized and thoughtful way.  One may ask, “What can I do with a sociology degree?”…to which I would answer, there isn’t a field of work where a sociology degree isn’t relevant, applicable, or even needed.  The ideas, concepts, and foundations that students of sociology acquire, can be used in every type of employment opportunity."

Meet other sociology alum and learn how they have used their degrees in sociology.


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