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Recent Faculty Research

CynthiaGanote, Tasha Souza, and Floyd Cheung. "Pedagogies of Microresistance for Equity and Social Justice," in Equity and Inclusion in Higher Education:  Strategies for Teaching (ed. Kumar and Refaei). 

MelanieGast. "Reconceptualizing College Knowledge: Class, Race, and Black Students in a College-Counseling Field."  Sociology of Education.  

Karen Christopher.  “A Double Bind of Relational Care: Nurses’ Narratives of Caregiving at Work and at Home" in Gender Issues 38(2), June 2021.

Tonya Scott Lanphier and Robert M. Carini. 2021. “Insights from a Learning Community Program for Developmental Reading Students: Developing a Conceptual Model.Community College Enterprise 27(1):22-37.

Aldikacti Marshall, Gul. 2021. “Transnational Feminisms.” In Companion to Feminist Studies, edited by Nancy Naples. New Jersey: Wiley-Blackwell.

Potter, Deborah A. (2021). "Peer Support Specialists and Bourdieu’s Theory of Practice: Lay Experts and Recovery in Mental Health Organizations.” Sociological Forum. Forthcoming vol. 36 (3). 

Robert Carini, Jennifer Sinski, and Jonetta Weber.  2020.  "Coat Color and Cat Outcomes in an Urban U.S. Shelter.Animals 10:1720.

Melanie Jones Gast, Dina G. Okamoto & Emerald T. Nguyen. 2020.  "Making requests: Filipina/o and Latina/o immigrant claims-making and racialization."  Ethnic and Racial Studies,DOI: 10.1080/01419870.2020.1778174

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