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Recent Faculty Research

Marshall, Gul Aldikacti, (2023) "Feminisms and Feminist Movements in the Middle East." The Handbook of Media and Culture in the Middle East. Eds. Joe Khalil et al. Wiley Blackwell. 65-72.

Emilie Dyer and D. Mark Austin. "Representations of Executions: An Examination of Ritual and Accuracy in Popular Films." Journal of Criminology and Popular Culture. (Forthcoming)Perez-Felkner, Lara, Melanie Jones Gast, and Sarah Ovink. 2022. “Liberating our Writing: Critical Narratives and Systemic Changes in Education and the Social Sciences.”Multicultural Perspectives. 24:162-169. 

Lanphier, Tonya Scott and Robert M. Carini2022.  "A Process Evaluation of a Learning Community Program: Implemented as Designed?" Education Sciences 12, no. 1: 60. 

Ganote, Cynthia, Tasha Souza, and Floyd Cheung. "Pedagogies of Microresistance for Equity and Social Justice," in Equity and Inclusion in Higher Education:  Strategies for Teaching (ed. Kumar and Refaei). 

Gast, Melanie Jones, James. S. Chisholm, Yohimar Sivira. 2022 “Racialization of 'ESL Students' in a Diverse School and Multilingual Latina/o Peer Mentors.” Race Ethnicity and Education

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